Daily Archives: May 3, 2021

Beauties On The Beach

It had been a few weeks since Motor Man and I had been to Carova to see my the wild horses, so a few days ago, we took a ride.

As it happened, we picked the perfect day to go.  We had gorgeous blue skies and warm temperatures. AND the horses were out enjoying the beach. We saw at least 58, perhaps more.  That was at least half of the herd.

I call this one: “two blondes on the beach”.

It seems humans aren’t the only ones who like soaking up the sun.

A better view:

his is one of my favorite shots of the day:

I had read on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page that there have been five foals born so far this season. So I was hoping to catch a glimpse of at least one baby.

This is Benjamin (born April 11)  enjoying a stroll along the ocean with his parents. Just look at Mom’s windblown mane.

My maternal grandfather’s middle name was Benjamin, and everyone called him “Ben”, so I was especially pleased to see this little guy.

Grow strong and run free, Benjamin!

~These Days Of Mine~