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Our Three H Weekend

No, not “hot, hazy and humid”, although that was a good description of the weather Saturday and Sunday.

Buckle up, folks, this is a BUSY blog post! And if you want to skip over everything else, please just be sure to see the photo and video at the end.

Our three H’s this weekend were “horsepower, history and horses”.

Horsepower: Friday evening, Motor Man and I decided at the last minute to go to a dirt track about an hour from our house.   Motor Man has a new engine customer who races there, and although that racer’s “Motor Man” engine isn’t ready yet, we thought we’d go to see him race. And he won his division’s feature.

If you’ve never been to a dirt track race, here’s what you’re missing. (And, by the way, no matter how late it is when you get home, you WILL take a shower before going to bed.)

History:  We learned that a tourism video for Surry County was scheduled to be filmed at Bacon’s Castle on Saturday afternoon. So Motor Man and I volunteered to be extras.  Thankfully, these were not speaking parts. But I look for any excuse to visit “The Castle”. When the video airs, I’ll be sure to share it here on the blog – even if our scenes don’t ‘make the cut’.

Horsepower:  When we left the Castle, we went to our local paved race track, where one of our engine customers picked up his first win of the season. This photo was shared on Facebook. I don’t know who snapped it; I would definitely give them credit. This is the finish of the race. Our customer, Danny is the one ahead ‘by a nose’, and that’s his brother, Greg, almost making the pass. Close!

Danny is a very popular driver, so there are lots of folks in Victory Lane to help him celebrate. Motor Man and I are ‘crunched’ in there in the center of the photo.

Horses: Yesterday morning, we headed to Carova Beach, NC, to see “my horses”.  It was a gorgeous day, and we saw 54 horses, which is probably a little over half of the herd.

A few weeks ago, we saw Benjamin, one of this season’s foals, and we saw him again yesterday. But,  we also caught sight of baby Betsy. It’s always a thrill to see one of the little ones.

Then there was this beauty on the beach. I love the tilt of her head.

BUT, this…this was just so special. As Motor Man and I were driving along the beach, I caught sight of this. And, I let him know we needed to turn around. Immediately, if not sooner.

A group of friends had created this amazing sand sculpture of a horse. I learned that, Lynne, one of the friends, is director of an organization who works with therapy horses to help (among others) those with PTSD. They were hoping one of the real horses would happen along, so they could get a photo of it with their sand creation.

And just as I was finishing up the draft of this post last night, Lynne sent me an email with a video attached. She said she thought I might like to see their horse as the tide came in. I think it is so, so beautiful.

It was a very full weekend, but another good one, and as you can tell,we certainly had the variety.

~These Days Of Mine~