Daily Archives: May 17, 2021


Motor Man and I are….exhausted. We had the busiest weekend we can recall in a long time.

Saturday morning, we were up before 5 to help a friend launch a hot air balloon. I love that time of day, although getting up that early was a little difficult.

It was a pretty morning for a balloon flight.

Then we went to the cemetery in my hometown to help with some clean-up prior to our annual Memoral Day Service, which was yesterday.

Saturday evening, we were at our local short track for some round-track racing, and got home a little after 11.

Sunday morning, we were up again at the crack-of-dawn for another friend’s balloon launch. (We now know about six friends who are hot air balloon owners/pilots.)

Yesterday afternoon, we were back at the cemetery for the Memorial Service, where I was honored to be the speaker. I shared a memory of my childhood school bus driver teaching us to be respectfully quiet as we passed the cemetery during funerals. I also spoke about the origins of the Memorial Day Holiday.

And, I  shared the stories of two young “Greatest Generation” soldiers: my uncle Bennie, and Motor Man’s dad.

It was a busy, but rewarding weekend. And let’s just say that we slept WELL last night.

~These Days Of Mine~