Daily Archives: May 13, 2021

Poetic Thursday: Hayride

Thursday means poetry with Pam and her boys, Teddy and Angel Sammy, at Two Spoiled Cats.

This is our photo inspiration this week:

And here is my poem:


It’s a perfect day to go for a hayride;
we’ll have so much fun on our knees side by side.

We’ll laugh as the tractor goes ‘putt,putt, putt’,
and bounces us along over all the ruts.

Mom and dad laughing and taking pics
of this fun day we’re having ‘out here in the sticks’.

The pumpkin patch is where we’re bound.
Once the tractor stops, we’ll all jump down.

When we get there, we’ll run and play,
and choose the best pumpkin at the end of the day.

Back in the car, we’ll all take naps,
with our pumpkins held tightly in our laps.

~These Days Of Mine~