Windowpane Wednesday: Golden

You may recall that Motor Man and I put up fencing around a couple of our flowerbeds earlier in the spring. That and a string of solar Edison lights have discouraged the deer and enabled us to enjoy a patch of sunflowers in front of our kitchen windows. They’ve all been volunteers from the sunflower seeds we put out for the birds (and squirrels).

While the sunflowers were blooming, we were treated to goldfinch visiting.

So much cheerfulness:

Of course, the male goldfinch is more colorful, but the females are a sweet muted gold.

It’s so much fun getting these close-ups through the windowpane. “Bottoms up!”

As the sunflowers began to fade, I cut off the heads, tied them and hung them upside down, and the birds continued to enjoy the seeds.

The sunflowers are all gone now and removed from the flowerbed. I’m already looking forward to next summer’s crop, and the birds that will come to visit.

~These Days Of Mine~

6 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Golden

  1. Love goldfinches and sunflowers—such a beautiful pairing!
    Glad to see you enjoyed until the very end!

  2. Two of my favorite things! Thanks for the idea of cutting the blossoms off and hanging them for continued feasting. GREAT pictures.

  3. Since my favorite color is yellow, you know I’m loving those sunflowers and goldfinches. This year we didn’t plant any sunflowers but I spied some goldfinches in our yard just yesterday. So pretty!

  4. Great photos…..we seem to have had a bumper crop of goldfinches up here too…..and actually ALL types of birds. I think the wet Spring and abundant vegetation must have attracted more birds this year. Can’t beat “yellow on yellow” in your photos though – perfect.


  5. When I saw that your sunflowers were doing well, I knew the finches would be inbound eventually – they know right where to go !

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Just another great reason why I love sunflowers!! Loved the coloring on the finch.

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