Monday Mischief

My friend, Donna, and I share many interests, among them shopping at pickers’ markets, antique shops and vintage markets. We especially like finding items to use in our respective flowerbeds.

At one of those vintage markets some time back, I purchased a child’s little green wheelbarrow. There’s a picture (among my thousands) of Donna and me with our vintage ‘finds’ that day. But, as I’m writing this blog post, I’m not able to locate that photo.

I did, however, find this picture, taken just a few months ago. Donna and I had been to a local pickers’ market, where she found a little red wheelbarrow, just like my green one.

Last week, I decided to fill my wheelbarrow with gourds and tiny pumpkins. The next morning, I discovered the wheelbarrow tipped over and everything spilled on the ground. So I checked the Ring camera footage.  Here are the culprits, and the video does have sound. The wheelbarrow is in the center of the flowerbed, and you should be able to view full screen to see it better.

It wasn’t too much trouble to upright the wheelbarrow and place the gourds and pumpkins back in it. And the video does make me laugh every time I watch it.

~These Days Of Mine~




6 responses to “Monday Mischief

  1. Well I think your little wheelbarrow is a good squirrel deterrent!


  2. Made me laugh too – rascals at play! Love your treasures, especially the blue birdhouse. I’m gradually replacing my painted wooden birdhouses that I have mounted on a ‘shelf’ in my rose garden with metal ones. My wooden ones have about reached the end of their life. Thanks for sharing a rainy Monday morning laugh.

  3. Haha! The Ring camera is solving lots of mysteries!!

  4. this same thing was happening off to the side of the road the other day as I was driving along – I’m glad I was watching, because it made it to the middle of the road fairly quick – then they started running down the middle of the road in front of me …. good times ….

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Those little rascals!! I think most of all it scared them. lol Love the little wheelbarrow.

  6. Chip and Dale, at it again!!!
    That is hilarious!!! Like everyone else, the “clank” was perfect!
    Wonderful to have a friend with the same interests!!
    Joy shared is a beautiful thing!❤

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