Sundae: Undercover Kitty

Yesterday was yet another misty, cool, overcast day for us. We’ve had several of those days, and we’re all ready for some sunshine.

Sundae thought it was a good day to be an indoor kitty. (Just for the record,  she’s always an indoor kitty.)

Later, I noticed her working her way under the quilt on our bed.

Has anyone seen Sundae?

I must admit that I contemplated joining her….

Programming note: Pam, who hosts Poetic Thursday, is on vacation this week. My next blog post is tentatively scheduled for  Monday.

~These Days Of Mine~

5 responses to “Sundae: Undercover Kitty

  1. They ALWAYS know how to do it – they make it look so easy !

  2. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae, really knows how to enjoy a rainy day!!

  3. Snuggling under the covers is a good way to spend a less than stellar day.

  4. Sundae knows best…

  5. I could have joined her too – with the addition of a book and cup of tea.

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