Virginia Mountains In Autumn

This weekend, Motor Man and I took an overnight trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Hang on: it was a whirlwind trip!

Although we briefly ran through rain showers Saturday afternoon, Sunday was a gorgeous, crisp autumn day.

There are so many old barns and silos in the Shenandoah Valley area, I rode with the camera in my lap for much of the time.

Perhaps I have a fondness for barns because of my childhood spent across the highway from a dairy farm.

We found a LOVE sign in the little town of Elkton while there for their autumn festival.  The old home behind us, built in 1840, once served as a hospital during the Civil War.

My friends, Donna and Shirley, visited this same area last week.  They had shared pictures of a horse-drawn wagon ride they took with Circle M Carriage Rides, located near Massanutten Resort. So you know that we put that on our list of things to do.

Our team was made up of Nip and Tuck, two HUGE Percherons.

Could the sky have been any more beautiful?

After our ride, Nip and Tuck posed for pictures with us. (Did I mention that they’re HUGE?)

Shannon, our driver and the owner of Circle M, agreed to a photo with us.

It was a beautiful weekend to be in the mountains.

And on our way home late yesterday afternoon, we (barely) caught a glimpse of the sunset.

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12 responses to “Virginia Mountains In Autumn

  1. Yes it really was a picture perfect weekend……Fall is definitely in the air! Love Percherons……my new friend in France has some beauties. Glad you had fun.


  2. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great pictures. I love Percherons!

  4. It doesn’t get much more blissful and relaxing than a weekend in the ‘hills’!

  5. Awesome pictures! Those clouds on Sunday were made for a perfect day in the mountains. The pictures of silos and barns were great. Loved Nip and Tuck and nice you got Shannon of Circle M featured too!
    What a wonderful weekend!

  6. Perfect trip for you two! Love Nip and Tuck. They are HUGE! We are headed on a fall foliage day trip tomorrow along with all the other millions of leaf peepers. 😊

  7. Beautiful pics! Those silos do remind of the one across the road from your childhood home♥ Sweet HUGE horses!

  8. A whirlwind trip that included amazing scenery and some very impressive horses ! It’s also good to see some barns – I remember that trip to the mountains when we were scouting examples for Barn Charm ….

  9. It might have been a whirlwind trip but it looks like you had the best time!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a great whirlwind trip!! What wonderful weather too.

  11. That looks like a fun trip and you have some great photos from it.

  12. I love your pictures! They are beautiful!

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