Christmas Angels: Part 2

Continuing with my “Christmas Angels” series, the subject of today’s post is a sweet little fabric angel I made years ago.

I’m sure I found the pattern in a craft magazine. Her body, dress and wings are made of muslin. Along the hem of her dress is crochet trim; I truly cannot remember whether I made that or if it was something I salvaged.  And the same goes for her hair: did I crochet that or was it something I had in my sewing box? Or perhaps it was my Mom’s, and she donated it to my sewing ’cause’?  The angel’s face is embroidered, and I do remember stitching that. It’s difficult to see, but in the center of each of her wings is a stitched star, a somewhat ‘quilted’ effect.

She’s on display year round and shares this little antique “Morris” chair with another doll that I made.

Oh, look who used to occupy this little chair.

~These Days Of Mine~

4 responses to “Christmas Angels: Part 2

  1. Well done – I was into embroidery for a very long time but then started drawing and painting – I wish I’d made a few “things” that I could have out and enjoy the memories like you do.


  2. Looks like more than one ‘angel’ has occupied that precious ‘Morris’ Chair. Beautiful handwork in the fabric angel. I wish I had the time and motivation to make more things now.

  3. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What memories you have in your angels all three.

  4. …. That was a comfy chair .. ; )

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