A Winter’s Bath

I once thought that bluebirds were only in our area during the warm weather months. I’m happy to say that I was mistaken about that.  Apparently, as long as you have meal worms for them to eat, bluebirds are happy to visit year-round.

We have a small birdbath and two bluebird feeders just outside our bedroom windows. Last week, I noticed one enjoying a bath on a nice day. I love the splashing water drops in this picture. And that little flash of blue.

And enjoy that bath he did!

We love having these sweet little birds year-round.

~These Days Of Mine~

6 responses to “A Winter’s Bath

  1. That’s a sweet photo of your blue-bather! We often say when we’re sitting on our front porch that we love having woods in front – so many birds with so many different “songs”. Mother Nature is SOOOOO entertaining!


  2. Love the cool winter’s bath,
    and that blue did shine!!

    They are such charming birds.

  3. Oh how SWEET!! We don’t feed our bluebirds meal worms (oops!!), but they seem to love our yard. And we enjoy them!

  4. Like I’ve said before – that blue will catch your eye like no other color …

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    To have the bluebirds all year long is awesome! So pretty.

  6. Oh my gosh, that video was SO cute! We put our feeders back out (have to put them away in summer because black bears in our area love them) and we’re so happy to see all our fine feathered friends flock to it. 🙂

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