It’s A Sign

One day last week, a Facebook friend sent me a private message with a picture of something she’d seen at an antique mall in Williamsburg. She said she thought I may be interested.

I showed the picture to Motor Man, and he said to ask her if she noticed the price, and we’d go get it for my Christmas. When she replied with the amount, I told him an emphatic “NO”. Although likely a fair price, it was just more than I wanted him to spend on me for Christmas.

One of our Christmas traditions is that Marshall comes to our house for breakfast. Then he comes back later in the evening, and we exchange gifts. After we had breakfast on Christmas morning, Motor Man handed me an envelope with a Christmas card. Inside was a note that read: “To D.B. (his nickname for me): Look in back bedroom shower. Merry Christmas 2021.”

Hmmm…  seems that was the hiding spot he chose for my gift. He and Marshall promptly moved it to the living room.

This is a former highway sign for historic Bacon’s Castle. Most of you know of my connections to this beautiful old home, but if you’re new to the blog, just click on the Bacons Castle category on the right to read previous posts.   I remember exactly where this sign once was, just outside the town limits of nearby Surry.

We don’t know when/why/or by whom it was removed or how the vendor at the mall came to acquire it. It may have been removed because the organization that owns the Castle changed its name in 2003, from the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities to Preservation Virginia.  I can’t say for sure, but I don’t believe another sign was erected when this one was removed.

I know it wouldn’t be to everyone’s liking, but we think it fits perfectly in front of the mantel. (We never use the fireplace.)

Motor Man told me that he actually got a good deal on his purchase. He said he thought I should have it, because he doesn’t know anyone who has a closer personal connection to the Castle than I do.

You just have to love a Christmas surprise.

Marshall didn’t know about the sign until I did, but he definitely approved.

~These Days Of Mine~



9 responses to “It’s A Sign

  1. Well that indeed is a special gift……and while I would love to see you use the fireplace as a fireplace (!) – the sign makes a nice decoration – one of a kind!


  2. We were at the antique shop Thursday and saw the sign … and the “SOLD” tag attached … so glad you got it … otherwise it would have came back to Smithfield with us 💕. What a wonderful present! Glad it ended up at your place … it is where it belongs.

  3. A perfect gift for you!

  4. Love the perfect Christmas gift! Even more if it is a loving surprise ❤
    Not many gifts for you more perfect than this!!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh my goodness! That Motor Man got you the absolute perfect gift! You are blessed, Dianna, and the sign looks right at home in your living room.

  6. Love the title of today’s post … it’s definitely a sign ! And a biggie, too – you really can’t tell until you’re right there looking at it. I was surprised by the whole thing – but what a perfect gift and a perfect home for it !!

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Oh Dianna, I am so touched by this perfect wonderful gift for you!!! Who better to give you this surprise gift than your sweet Motor Man.. You also found the perfect place for it. It looks great. I too remember where that show was. Love to you all.

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sorry s/b sign!!

  9. Oh how special! It fits you perfectly! So pleased for you and how thoughtful of Motor Man. Looks right at home!

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