Wicked Weather Wednesday

Our area had some interesting weather on Monday. The morning brought strong winds and rain, followed by a drastic drop in temperatures. Our neighbors to the north and west had a snow event later in the day. We had snow flurries, but no accumulation.

What we did have was a huge high tide in our yard.

Just to give you an idea, this is a picture from a ‘normal’ day. Looking at the ‘breakwater’, to the far left of the marina, you get an idea of the usual water level.

This was taken Monday during the high tide. You can barely see the breakwater and pilings at the marina to the far right. That’s an osprey nest on top of the breakwater.

Taken during a prettier day, this picture shows an old bike near one of our trees and just to the left of that, a little ‘dock’ that Motor Man built for me to use when I fed the swans who used to visit us.

This was the aftermath of Monday’s high tide.

We have a LOT of tide trash.

Sundae spent much of the day in her little hut. The wind was so strong that, at times, I wished I could have joined her.

“I’m not sharing.”

But, by the end of the day:

We were fortunate that we never lost power, and we weren’t traveling on I-95 in northern Virginia, where many motorists were stranded for nearly 24 hours.

Yes, tide trash clean-up seems rather trivial in light of what ‘could have been’.

~These Days Of Mine~






5 responses to “Wicked Weather Wednesday

  1. I-95 was just awful and it’s amazing nobody was hurt or had a medical emergency, etc. since it was jam-packed. More snow coming here Thursday but I’m guessing down your way it will either be sunny or a bit of rain…..you “Southern Virginians” are I’m sure happy to avoid the worst of winter weather. Glad your tide trash didn’t make it up to your house though!!


  2. Wow! Glad you didn’t have the worst weather like some did. You’re right, tide trash is not a high price to pay.

  3. What a GREAT photo journalist you are! You definitely portrayed Monday. I, too, am thankful for all of those blessings. I’d like to have joined Sundae also.

  4. I thought about those motorists stranded on 95 quite a few times yesterday..
    One of the best days in a long time to be inside, and it’s not much better out there today ..

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wow, and then the water came! So glad it was not any worst. It certainly was an ugly storm.

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