A Day In The Life…Of A Cat

My name is Sundae, and I’m a calico kitty.

A typical day for me:

As you may know, kitties are all about cleanliness:

There’s no such thing as a kitty that’s TOO clean.

Sometimes all that bathing just tires a kitty out.

That’s when it’s time for a nap.

Naps and baths: there can never be too many in a kitty’s life.


~These Days Of Mine~



7 responses to “A Day In The Life…Of A Cat

  1. You’re absolutely right Sundae! Teddy nods his head in agreement!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. …And today’s the perfect day to be a kitty. I’d like to claim that on this rainy Monday.

  3. Oh Sundae, you are such a beautiful and sweet calico kitty. And you remind me of our dear departed Callie.

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Just the perfect day for that, Sundae!!! Animals and people.

  5. ….and repeat !

  6. That is so true. Between napping, bathing, and eating, there is hardly any time left to watch bird TV.

  7. Seems like this is a cat thing … ; ) I see it all the time with mine ..

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