Windowpane Wednesday: Winter

It’s somewhat rare for our area to get a measurable snow. But that happened last weekend, so I thought I’d share some pictures. Some are windowpane photos, others are just snow pics.

We actually had two snow events: the first one left us with barely a dusting. I took this picture after that one. I love how the bluebird seemed to be engaging with the ‘bird feeder bird’. So many cute captions come to mind. Feel free to share yours!

I thought my friends who regularly deal with large amounts of snow would get a chuckle out of this picture. Notice the snow outside Sundae’s window:

This was after the second storm, which we estimate gave us about 2-4 inches. Marshall lives just a few miles away, and his area probably got 4-6.

Motor Man was under the weather last weekend, so he took this through the window as I was refilling the bird feeders.  It was COLD.

Later, when he felt better, we went for a little ride. This is one of the many beautiful Victorian homes in town.

And another. This is Mansion on Main, a bed and breakfast.

And a picturesque little spot near our town park:

There’s a good chance for another snow event for us this weekend, so perhaps more snow photos in a future blog post .

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7 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Winter

  1. Beautifully captured. It really was pretty, and I stayed in to enjoy it.

  2. Great photos……….we try to keep up with keeping the feeders full but you’re right – – – on a super cold day it’s TOUGH! I remind myself it’s even more tough for those birds….LOL Same here for more snow – Friday is our day – hopefully it won’t be a lot.


  3. I know you don’t get that kind of snow often, but wow, it sure does make it beautiful in your area! My caption for that first cute photo: “Do you come here often?” 😉

  4. A nice assortment of wintry photos this time …
    I really like the Mansion on Main pic –
    the front door is framed with the wreath – and it is such a welcoming sight in this weather !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    “Have you been coming here often”!!! lol Great snow pictures.

  6. Those are so fun. It does look cold. Love the mansions, and the birds, so lovely. Sundae’s Window. Cute.🥰

  7. Beautiful pictures of an amazing winter wonderland.

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