Poetic Thursday: A Mystery

It’s the first Poetic Thursday of February, and we’re participating once again with Pam and her ginger kitties at Two Spoiled Cats.

They provided us with this photo for our inspiration this week:

Here’s my poem:

A Mystery

A cute little house, a massive door;
What’s inside? We’d love to see more.

What could it be? The imagination runs wild;
a whimsical playhouse for a much loved child?

A house for fairies? Do they really exist?
Some say they’ve seen them in the morning mist.

Deep in the woods, a wonder to see,
then there’s the mystery of that heart shaped key.

~These Days Of Mine~

5 responses to “Poetic Thursday: A Mystery

  1. Neat perspective. My first thought was Secret Garden until I saw the light shining through the keyhole! The heart shaped key does give good vibes!

  2. This photo is so enchanting I just KNEW when I picked it for our Poetic Thursday that there would be some magical poems written. Well done – you captured (and passed on) some of that magic.


  3. I noticed the key right away – it looks inviting – hopefully it’s not a trick from whatever is REALLY behind the door !!!! ; )

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What great mystery is behind that door? Who holds the key? Good poem.

  5. I bet whoever is in that cozy little place is warm and toasty. Not just from the warmth of the light emanating from it but also from love as evidenced by the heart-shaped key. Nice poem as always, Dianna!

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