Pictures: Take Two

When Motor Man and I were planning our wedding twenty years ago, we hired a photographer. And when we met with her, the only specific photo I requested was one of us with Bacon’s Castle in the background.

You can imagine my disappointment when this was the proof. (She apologized and told us she had the wrong film in the camera.)

Many of our guests that day had cameras, and they later shared with us snapshots from before and after the ceremony and at our reception. BUT, our guests had all left Bacon’s Castle en route to the reception when the above photo was taken. So the one the photographer took was the ONLY one.

I’ve often entertained the idea of another ‘wedding’ photo shoot at the Castle. So….. to celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we enlisted the help of a couple of friends and were on our way. I had saved my bouquet and Motor Man’s boutonniere, so earlier in the week,  I took those to our local florist to have them recreated.

And…we were certainly not disappointed in these photos.

Now that’s more like it, even with the scaffolding and a couple of boarded-up windows in the house.

We took the opportunity to just have some fun with these pictures.

“Someone” took the fun seriously:

It was nice to be at Bacon’s Castle exactly 20 years after we exchanged our vows.

Remember the Bacon’ Castle sign that Motor Man gave me for Christmas? We brought it along for the photo shoot.

Here’s what twenty years looks like:

It is so special to have these pictures, celebrating our anniversary at the Castle. We’re very grateful to our friends for helping us make it happen.

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8 responses to “Pictures: Take Two

  1. That was a really fun idea! We’ve all changed in twenty years but some things NEVER change…..and I can see THAT in your smiles!


  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pictures and your LOVE for each other.
    GREAT idea to recreate those photos.

  3. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A wonderful way to celebrate your 20th Anniversary!!! ❤

  4. Now … this is a photo shoot 20 years in the making ! Excellent pics … a wedding day re-shoot was the perfect idea !

  5. Oh how wonderful!!! I love the fun and love of the anniversary photos, and how perfect the castle looks. What a great idea. Everything’s so clear. You both look gorgeous!

  6. That was a good idea. Those are great photos. The first photo is really not that bad and I bet with technology today that photo can be enhanced. I saw an ad recently for a site that turns old, blurry, low res photos into high-definition. It is pretty amazing.

  7. As I already said on FB, what a lovely 20th anniversary celebration you had! So happy you got your special photo with Bacon’s Castle. And I’m impressed you can still fit in your wedding dress! Some of us would be hard pressed (and squeezed into!!) to do so. 😉

  8. Happy 20th anniversary! I love the pictures and recommitment ceremony at Bacon’s Castle. Weird story, I recently watched the episode of Ghost Hunters featuring the castle. My grandmother was a Hankins and I know they originated from VA. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up the family tree and it confirmed my ancestral line! I’d love to talk with you about the castle. Please feel free to email me anytime!

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