A Ride In The Mountains

Last Thursday, Motor Man and I made our annual fall trip to the mountains of Virginia.

Although the foliage there (at the time) was really no more colorful than what we had at home, it was a glorious day for a trip. We left home pre-dawn, so we caught the sunrise along the way.

There are many scene overlook pull-offs on The Skyline Drive to stop for photos, so we took advantage of one.

Our destination was the Skyland Stables at Shenandoah National Park, so that I could go on a trail ride.  Meet Buckshot.

Buckshot was the perfect gentleman during my ride.

The trail took us through the woods, where we passed a tiny brook.

Buckshot had the softest coat.

I guess the cool temps kept folks from signing up for the rides; I was the only one at this time slot.  So it was one-on-one with my guide, Margaret.

Motor Man was watching for our return and took this video as we were headed back to the stables.

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6 responses to “A Ride In The Mountains

  1. Skyline Drive is beautiful all year round but the Fall leaves call to us don’t they! Glad you got a trail ride too………


  2. What a wonderful trip on a beautiful day. Good for y’all!

  3. We love Skyline Drive too – so pretty any time of year. Oh my gosh, how fun for you to go on a fall trail ride and Buckshot is a handsome fellow. Your post reminded me of my college days when I took a horseback riding class one fall. The trail rides were so fun and I have wonderful memories of them.

  4. One of the best places to enjoy the fall colors – even if they’re just starting to show – I can see it in a few spots in these pics, and I’m starting to notice it around here too … Glad you had a good ride with Buckshot !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Chuck and I took a few days last week and went up, Blue Ridge & Allegheny Mountains. The foliage was beautiful!! We hit it just right this time.

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