Window-down Wednesday

Today’s ‘window’ post is a bit different than most.

These pictures were taken through a window, but it was an open window….to our vehicle.

On our way home from dinner and errands  Monday evening, we noticed this strange cloud.

Combined with the late afternoon sun on the fall foliage (and a partially harvested soybean crop), it made for quite the photo op.

I was hoping we would have a chance at some good shots when we got home, and we did.

During the fall, oftentimes, the marsh grass is golden with the setting sun shining on it. That was the case on Monday.

Amazing sky and calm waters.

A picture-perfect autumn afternoon.

~These Days Of Mine~



5 responses to “Window-down Wednesday

  1. Fall is definitely falling but that cloud looks more like it is rolling! Sort of looks like a shelf cloud but not sure – they are generally more ominous than this pretty one.


  2. So beautiful!!
    Love cloud pictures, and these are awesome.
    It is amazing we can take pics from a moving vehicle!

  3. How beautiful. We watched the same sky and was amazed at how dark the clouds towards Surry were and how blue the sky was towards the west – such a definite line. You’ve definitely captured the mood.

  4. Very neat! We have seen a lot of ‘different’ clouds in our skies too. I’m always amazed at them.

  5. that’s some serious activity up there …

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