Up In Smoke

A couple of weeks ago, Motor Man and I saw a Halloween meme on Facebook, and we knew we could have some fun with it. I’ll share that meme at the end of this post.

Let me preface this  by saying: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

First, a few behind the scenes shots:

A witch and her Motor Man.

What does a witch do when her broom catches fire?

First she looks a bit perturbed, then she proceeds to put out the fire.

And is shocked to see the damage to her ride.

Here is our video. The audio is a little low, so the first thing you hear me say is: “Oh, no! My broom is on fire!”.  And then: “That engine from Keen’s!” (Motor Man builds performance engines.) And yes, we had a bucket of water ready in case things got out of hand.

Next is an ‘out take’. This was the first video we filmed, and as you can tell, I needed some cues from my director (Motor Man). The ‘evil’ laugh you hear at the end is Dan, a friend who was helping us with this production.


And here’s the Facebook meme that started it all:


~These Days Of Mine~




6 responses to “Up In Smoke

  1. Looks like you crazy people had some fiery fun but I suggest you and JR stick to your “day jobs” !!! LOL


  2. Y’all have TOO much Fun with power! Is that called a ‘flame out’?

  3. Be careful with it tonight !!

  4. ~rofl~ This is hilarious. It’s heartwarming you and MM have such good fun together. 😀

  5. You just had WAY too much fun with that one and I had too much fun watching it!!

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Loved it!!!!! So cute. You guys know how to have fun!!!

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