A Donkey Comes Home

Motor Man and his family lived in Newport News, an area adjoining the county where we now live, until he was in his early twenties. But prior to that time, he would travel through our county en route to and from a nearby drag strip.

Along the way, there was a small gift shop, owned by the parents of a girl he’d known in school.  One day, as he passed by, he spotted a cement donkey and cart flower planter for the yard.  He stopped and bought it for his mom.  This was 1965, and he recalls paying $20 for it (and wondering how he happened to have an extra twenty dollars).

When the family moved to our county in 1968, the donkey and cart were moved to the new location.


Motor Man’s father passed away in 2013, and his mother in 2018, and the donkey and cart were left behind when the property was sold.

I don’t think I realized until some time later that the donkey and cart had been a gift from Motor Man to his mom. When I learned that, I called the new owner of the property to ask if I could buy it from him.  He declined my offer, saying that his wife was really fond of it. I thanked him and asked him to contact me should he change his mind (or hers).

Fast forward to this past week.  Sadly, the couple are in the midst of a divorce, and the husband was apparently ready for the donkey and cart to be gone. When Motor Man learned of this, we hurried to our truck and drove the few miles to the house. The husband loaded them into the bed of our truck, and off we drove.

All in all, it’s held up well for all these 58 years.  The original rope is still on the donkey’s neck, but a section of the cart broke as it was being loaded.  We have that broken piece, and Motor Man can easily epoxy it back in place.

I’m happy for Motor Man that the gift he was so proud to give his Mom all those years ago is now back with him.

If this story sounds familiar, you may recall this post from a few years ago: https://thesedaysofmine.com/2020/04/13/back-in-the-family/.

I just love it when people and/or things ‘come home’.

~These Days Of Mine~



9 responses to “A Donkey Comes Home

  1. It’s always special when something “comes home”……even if it’s many years later. Some things were just meant to be.


  2. Oh, how heartwarming a story – made me smile all the way through. Glad it’s come home.

  3. What a wonderful ending to your story. Made me feel warm all over this morning – JR’s initial gift to his Mom and the happy ending.

  4. I as well love it when things come home It is so seldom that it happens and worthy of remark when it does.
    Katie Isabella- Blogspot

  5. It’s good that it has made it to a new, more suitable spot !

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love stories like this. Makes my heart happy. What a precious memory that came home.

  7. How wonderful and now you and Motor Man get to enjoy this special memory right in your own yard. 🙂

  8. What a great story !

  9. That’s neat! Small things can mean a lot.

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