Wildlife Wednesday: Going Down With The…

ship…..shepherd’s hook.

A good source of entertainment for Motor Man and me is checking our Ring camera footage of what goes on in our yard after dark.

And much of that entertainment is supplied by these mischievous, masked critters.

This one had a little more adventure than he may have bargained for a few nights ago. But it didn’t seem to bother him in the last, and probably made his dining experience less difficult.

It’s a good thing they entertain us: they’re lousy tippers.

~These Days Of Mine~




7 responses to “Wildlife Wednesday: Going Down With The…

  1. That was wild! (Pun intended) He is so big
    and amazing he could climb up a skinny metal pole!
    A scary sound in the night. You are right-it was entertaining!

  2. That little – or should I say ‘big’? – thief! No wonder he wears a mask!

  3. Oh, he tips alright – tips your shepherd’s hook right over to enjoy his meal. Definitely entertaining and amazing climbers.

  4. That was his plan all along …. !

  5. They are little clowns – so are the possums!


  6. He was a determined Little critter. They are very entertaining for sure.

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