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Favorite Memories: 2015

Somewhere in my internet travels this week, I saw this prompt:

Share your favorite memory from 2015.

I guess I’m a bit too “long-winded” to narrow it down to ONE favorite memory, so today, I’ll share several.

  • Motor Man and I went sleigh riding in Maryland in late January. Since it was just a few days before our anniversary, we deemed it our anniversary celebration trip. (He will find it amusing that I’m sharing this as a favorite memory, but not our parasailing experience in June.)

jrdb sleigh silhouette 1-30-2015 2-34-30 PM

  • So many of my memories are made with Motor Man and Marshall.  Whether it’s celebrating a birthday or a holiday or just dinner together, those are some of my most treasured times.

us 3 6-16-2015 9-46-30 AM

  • My long-time friend, Bev, and I get together quite often.  We go for walks along the river, looking for treasures, we go shopping and, with our hubbies, enjoy train rides. This year we rode two trains, one being a Valentine’s Day ride in Pennsylvania.

4 of us train1 2-14-2015 3-03-16 PM

  • Since reconnecting with my classmates, Donna and Shirley, a few years ago, we’ve made quite a few memories together. Those gatherings usually include our friend Linda. This picture was taken during my birthday celebration.

fun 6-4-2015 6-41-12 PM

  • Two special memories this year were made when I met blogging friends for the first time.   Dor in May…

db and dor at her house 5-2-2015 4-58-15 PM

and Emjay in June.

dbmj3 6-11-2015 12-39-28 PM

  • Of course, special memories were made with my Motor Man, driving on the beach at the Outer Banks, looking for wild horses.

horse 6-6-2015 4-04-04 PM

  • Speaking of horses, this year we lost sweet Aggie, so our visits with her are now just memories.

db and aggie may22 5-22-2015 1-11-17 PM

  • And yet another “horse” memory from this year: meeting Baby William, the Corolla foal who had serious health issues, was removed from the herd and is now doing well. I love this picture of my friend, Donna, with him.

donna and william 10-31-2015 9-31-39 AM

So, even though there was some sadness this year, it was also a time of wonderful memories made with family and dear friends.

How about you?  Care to share a favorite memory  – or many –  from this year? Feel free to be long-winded…..like me. It’s the sign of a good year.

Happy New Year!

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Almost the weekend, and time for a little randomness:

1.) My little hummie waited impatiently last night for me to freshen his nectar, then quickly stopped by to enjoy.

hummie 8-13-2015 7-56-05 PM

2.) I’ve shared with you before that Sundae loves us to put her “blankie” over her when she’s on our bed.  And, that she wreaks havoc on our upstairs guest room bed, trying to get under the throw at the foot of the bed. Well, she now has a new trick.  She’s learned how to get under the quilt on our downstairs guest room bed. All by herself.

That "lump" is Sundae

That “lump” is Sundae

3.) Remember this plant combo that I bought recently for the table on our deck?

deck plant 7-23-2015 6-20-37 AM

Apparently, our resident deer decided to climb the three steps to our deck and dine on the sweet potato vine. Now that we know they can maneuver steps, perhaps we should invite them over one evening.  Anyone know what beverage goes with sweet potato vine?

deck plant after 8-10-2015 2-22-26 PM

4.) On a recent trip home from the Outer Banks, Motor Man stopped me by Aggie’s pasture, so I could give her a treat. While we were there, a passing driver tooted the car horn, and I looked to see that it was an NC State Trooper.  (Guess he’s an Aggie fan, too.)

aggies treat 8-10-2015 11-31-42 AM

I was somewhat in disbelief when I got back in our vehicle, then Motor Man burst my bubble with his version of this plaque we saw in Cracker Barrel:


His version:  “That trooper said: ‘Don’t flatter yourself, cowgirl, I was blowing at the horse’ “.

5.) Tuesday evening, around sunset, we had rain across the river to our east. The clouds made for some amazing scenery.

marina clouds 8-11-2015 7-45-39 PM


Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

She’s On FB!

Saturday, Motor Man and I took a day trip to the Outer Banks. Along the way, we stopped (as we usually do) to give Aggie, the horse, some treats.

Aggie’s place was decorated for Christmas!

 db and aggie 12-27-2014 10-41-09 AM

I gave her some apple slices, and Motor Man and I headed to the beach, where we saw a few wild horses….(blog post coming soon).

And, coming home that afternoon, we once again stopped to see Aggie and share the remaining apple with her.

db laughing at aggie1 12-27-2014 3-21-26 PM 12-27-2014 3-21-26 PM

Patience is obviously not Aggie’s strongpoint.  She made me laugh when she nuzzled my arm, letting me know I wasn’t getting the apple slices out of the bag quickly enough.

It’s always a little sad to leave Aggie…

db taking pic of aggie 12-27-2014 3-24-58 PM

Bye, girl! See you next time! Happy New Year!

bye 12-27-2014 3-25-29 PM

*By the way, I had been posting pictures of Aggie for quite some time on an Outer Banks Vintage Scrapbook Facebook page. When I posted one from our stop on Saturday, someone commented that Aggie should have her own Facebook page.  And, by the next morning, she did! If you’d like to be an Aggie fan, click here to like her page:


And if you happen to be passing by, she loves apples.

~These Days Of Mine~

Gray Day On The Beach

Motor Man and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday on the Outer Banks. It was a gray morning, but the sun managed to briefly peek through the clouds.

sun thru clouds 2-2-2014 7-39-13 AM

Let me ask you: just how do you draw a heart in the sand? A heart with legible writing inside….and without footprints? (I guess I need to Google that. Or check Pinterest.)  In any event, here’s my feeble attempt. Thankfully, it appears that the wave is about to overtake it.

heart 2-2-2014 8-07-55 AM

The weather may have been gloomy, and my “heart in the sand” attempt a flop, but we set up our tripod for an anniversary photo anyway.

jrdb 2-2-2014 8-07-00 AM

It’s rare that we don’t see any horses while we’re on the beach, but that was the case yesterday.  However, we did stop so I could visit Aggie on our way home. She was happy to see me treats.

db and aggie 2-2-2014 10-51-14 AM

Motor Man and I thank you for all the anniversary wishes on yesterday’s blog post. We’ve already started making memories for next year’s slideshow.

~These Days Of Mine~

The Weekend: Horses To Bunny Ears

Saturday was a pretty day here in our area, so I had a bit of spring fever. I spent part of the afternoon working in the yard, doing a little trimming on some perennials, etc. Motor Man worked at our shop until around 2:30. As soon as he pulled into the garage at home, he said: “Let’s go to the beach!”.

So I threw a few things in our weekend bag, and off we went. (Life is rarely boring around our house.)

We stopped along the way to see Aggie. You get extra points if you realize that I’m wearing the same shirt I wore on our last trip to the beach.  Gee, I wonder if Aggie noticed…

aggie love

We were disappointed that we didn’t see ANY wild horses on the beach. We think they must still be “wintering” back in the brush. But we were happy to find that the beach had returned.


You may recall that, on our last trip about a month ago, the same area looked like this.

narrow beach

We were out on the beach in the late afternoon/early evening and decided to catch the sunset from atop Penny’s Hill. It was a bit chilly, but so beautiful and quiet, since we were the only ones there.

sunset from pennys hill

Penny’s Hill is a large sand dune, which, according to legend, swallowed a small town by the name of Seagull many years ago. Having seen how quickly the beach changes, we believe that to be entirely possible. It’s a little eerie to be up there and know that you could be standing on what was once a little seaside town.

You have to love  a little mystery like that.

We came home yesterday, and I made these festive, pastel deviled eggs for Motor Man’s family’s Easter dinner.


And Motor Man rocked the bunny ears…

jr bunny ears1

photo by his sister, Carolyn

(Life is rarely boring around our house.)