The Anniversary Trip

To celebrate our anniversary, Motor Man and I took a little trip last Friday. We ventured to the western part of Maryland and went for a sleigh ride.

Although the lady who took our reservation felt confident that the conditions would be right, we were doubtful until we were within about 30 miles of the farm. We just hadn’t seen that much snow.

But, as it turns out, lack of snow was not a problem. This is the barnyard at Pleasant Valley Dream Rides in Oakland.

sleigh ride barn 1-30-2015 1-41-16 PM

Yes, it was snowing….yes, it was cold (14 degrees), and yes, the wind was blowing.

jrdb in sleigh close up 1-30-2015 2-33-17 PM

Our driver, Eli, was great and very willing to take photos.

jrdb sleigh silhouette 1-30-2015 2-34-30 PM

Then, he asked if I’d like to sit on our horse, Rusty. Of course, I jumped at the chance, but we were a long distance from the farm….how would I get up there?

With a leg-up from Eli, of course.

leg up1 1-30-2015 2-36-00 PM

I shared this next photo on my Facebook page; it’s easy to see which one of us was having more fun.

jrdb sleigh cell phone pic-001

And, more fun, a selfie.  Poor Motor Man, he was soooo cold. What a great sport he is.

dbjrselfie 1-30-2015 2-18-37 PM

We had planned to stay in the area overnight, but weather and road conditions were deteriorating, so we decided it would be best to head toward home.

snowy road 1-30-2015 4-19-44 PM

We saw some beautiful scenery on our trip, and I’ll share more pictures in upcoming posts.

(Thanks for all the anniversary wishes yesterday!)

~These Days Of Mine~

22 responses to “The Anniversary Trip

  1. Gosh it really does look SO cold…..but I know you had a fun time doing what you love to do and that’s the most important thing! Glad you enjoyed your anniversary trip…………….


  2. What a fun idea. So glad it was memorable trip.Who wouldn’t remember a sleigh ride? And especially glad you had safe travel there and back. Happy Anniversary. (You know I think of my mom and dad on that day, as they had the same anniversary, Feb. 2.)

  3. And even though MM wasn’t enjoying the trip as much as you, he loves you so much that he made sure you had fun!

  4. aww — you’re just beaming! And good on MM for packing a Carhart coat 🙂 Happy times ! MJ

  5. Looks beautiful, but very cold. 🙂

  6. So glad you had fun…… it looks soooo COLD! But beautiful. That picture of MM with his hand over his face cracks me up! Gotta say the harness on that horse is very pretty!

    • I don’t know, maybe it doesn’t crack me up. I bet his eyes and face were burning! I was thinking of CH having to go outside to do a necessary chore in single digit temps before we left for Florida and his face nearly froze off!

  7. I love it! You too have such wonderful adventures.
    It’s so fun to watch you let your kid-side out to play with the horses and in the snow. The sleigh ride sounds charming and a perfect way to celebrate your & MM’s anniversary.
    Beautiful photos. 🙂

  8. OMG as much as I love horses (I do I do!) but that picture of that barn , that barn, that barn—I could live there! It was a beauty!! It looked like a lovely trip to winter wonderland-and 14 degrees -you had to be in love to stay warm!! Jr loves you very much to take you on this adventure–and we know he does-you two are beautiful together! Cannot wait for tomorrow’s post!

  9. BRRRR!!! Looks like so much fun, but COLD!!! Is that a Log Cabin Quilt design on the barn? Glad the weather was perfect? for you both to enjoy.

  10. Love your blog today. Ron was born in Swanton, MD…. about 10 miles from Oakland. We make a trip to the area every year. Love Deep Creek Lake, just a few miles from Oakland.

  11. I am so happy you go to enjoy another sleigh ride to celebrate your anniversary! 🙂 Your MM is one sweet fella! And he even braved the cold and snowy drive just to make his sweetie happy! What a keeper. I wondered where you were because your photos look a lot like our neck of the woods, but I knew you’d already been here for a sleigh ride before. We still have lots of snow and more to come, says the weatherman.

  12. love that barn! and a good horse!

  13. JR is a real sport. That cold isn’t easy on a Southern Gentleman…or woman! It’s fun weather to “visit” and then skedaddle! And…you got some great photos to prove you did it!

  14. Loved all the pictures, especially that barn. I’m with you Donna. Looks like a fun place to live. You have got to get a long coat for JR! Maybe one with fur to match yours!!

  15. A suitable wintertime way to celebrate! I know you had a great trip…. we can see it! 😉

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a grand trip! Just beautiful pictures.

  17. Clearly the man adores you, Dianna!!

  18. Olde Towne Photos

    Wow. Just Wow.

  19. Marvelous!!! Love you on the horse!

  20. I love that Bill offered a seat on the horse! Fabulous. I would have jumped on that one but then I jumped on a longhorn if you remember so not out of the ordinary for me at all. Loved your pictures and the trip looked fabulous even if cold. Brrr.

  21. It does look cold! More great memories being made. Rusty is a beauty!

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