The “Valentine Train”

This weekend, Motor Man and I, along with our friends, Bev and Bill, went to Boyertown, Pennsylvania to spend Valentine’s Day aboard The Colebrookdale Railroad. (Not only are Bev and I “shelling” buddies, but we, along with our husbands, are also train fans, and have been on many train trips together.)

 All aboard!

4 of us train1 2-14-2015 3-03-16 PM

It was cold and snowy outside, but inside, the dining car was festively decorated for Valentine’s Day.

dining car bev 2-14-2015 3-30-49 PM

We were treated to chocolates, cheese, a cupcake (with a little chocolate candy train on top) and sparkling cider. And, each of the ladies was given a long-stemmed rose.

candy rose cider 2-14-2015 3-40-57 PM

Bev had a little fun with her rose.

bev bill rose 2-14-2015 3-30-29 PM

…while I went with the more traditional pose.

jr db with rose 2-14-2015 3-30-40 PM

 Scenes like this were common all along our ride.

scene from train 2-14-2015 5-02-28 PM

And the sun was setting as our ride came to an end.

sunset from back of train 2-14-2015 4-58-46 PM

The Colebrookdale Railroad just began operating last October, and, so far, has had limited excursions. We had a wonderful time, and the all-volunteer crew was very friendly and accomodating.  Steve, in particular, shared information with us about the history of the Colebrookedale Railroad and the ongoing restoration of the train cars.

We stayed the night in Lancaster, about an hour from Boyertown, and returned home on Sunday; a fun trip with our friends.

~These Days Of Mine~

21 responses to “The “Valentine Train”

  1. That looks like an amazing day and trip! I really need to add a real train trip to my bucket list. I have been on trains but have not taken a trip overnight on one which I think would be amazing! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. What a fun and romantic trip.

  3. FUN! Were there a lot of people on the train or did the weather keep them away? Great photos.


  4. Wonderful! The Dining Car was divine. Good Friends and A Good Trip!

  5. What a lovely romantic idea!! ^_^

    Looks like you had a great time


  6. Looks like fun! The cupcake with the little chocolate train engine on top is darling! Cool trip to do with friends!

  7. What a fun trip!

  8. The perfect way to spend Valentines Day!! They made it even more special!!

  9. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Boyertown, being my home town is a special place. Sometimes you don’t realize it till you move away! It’s a historical old town and you’ll have to take JR back there to see the Car Museum. He would love it! I can’t tell you how many times as kids we would pack a lunch and go for long hikes along those train tracks. The train stopped running through there when I was a kid so it wasn’t dangerous. There are also wonderful places to go antiquing and top off the day with Longacres Dairy’s homemade ice-cream. The best your’ll ever lick! I think you’ll have to come back and let me show you around!

  10. i like the chocolate train! too cute.

  11. growing up I lived next to the railroad tracks in Barto.My father had the coal and feed mill there,Thanks for mentioning Longacres Dairy, as a teenager I worked in the Dairy bar there.They happen to be my family.

  12. My favorite thing about trains is seeing the back yards of America. Your desserts looked scrumptious. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us. Looks like a blast.

  13. As one of those volunteers, I (and I’m sure I speak for the entire CRR) are so pleased that you had a wonderful time. Being volunteers, we get paid in only a couple ways. We obviously have fun and enjoy what we are doing, but our greatest reward is hearing from our passengers and guests about their experience. We even appreciate comments from those who found something lacking, because it allows us to continue to fine tune our excursions to satisfy even more folks. Thank you for joining us this past weekend and we hope to see you again on another excursion. I have enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate that you’ve included the Colebrookdale Railroad among your postings.

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What fun! Chuck and I love railroad train trips too, saving this address. Thanks for sharing.

  15. That must have been a lovely trip. Hubby and I are also train fans. In fact it’s how we met. We’ve been on a lot of train trips over the years too. There is something special about a train, especially one with a steam engine up front. They seem almost alive.

  16. We moved “home” to Boyertown a year ago, after spending 13 years at the beach in Rehoboth Beach, DE. People questioned our sanity with moving back, but we walk when the weather is decent, and we now take the time to actually see things we never appreciated. I still am giggling when the horn is blown, as we are only a few blocks away, on Phila. Ave. I have no idea why it makes me giggle! We are waiting for a BOGO Groupon coupon to be able to afford the trip. We are locals, not sightseers, so time will tell. It really is a neat project and I can’t imagine it doing anything but good for the community! I hope when I am old(er) and gray(er) we will still be here, two old people, holding hands, walking carefully to see how far the train has come along, and maybe even take a train ride to celebrate our “Golden” Anniversary.

  17. What fun!

  18. Looks like another great train trip. They really did the dining car up nicely. Did you eat the chocolate train?

  19. Looks like a great time ! I like the contrast between the exterior shots and the cozy, comfortable dining car ..
    Now… to their website !

  20. Looks like a wonderful time! We’ll have to check that out when we get out that way again. We love train rides too. My father-in-law worked on the Pennsylvania Railroad so trains are in my husband’s blood I think!

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