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Random Five Friday

Post-birthday random five:

1.)  Motor Man and I went to the Outer Banks last weekend.  Our planned afternoon of riding on the beach, looking for the wild horses didn’t go quite as we planned.  The sand was in such treacherous condition, after a couple of miles, we decided it best that we turn around.  I didn’t draw a deep breath until we were back on the hard surface.

sand 5-31-2015 6-28-06 PM

2.) Since we didn’t see any horses on the beach, it’s a good thing we stopped to visit Aggie on the way home. We gave her a granola bar and an apple.

db and aggie 6-1-2015 1-32-42 PM

3.) Sundae has been at it again:  what in the WORLD was she trying to do to the guest room bed? Final score:  Sundae, 1 coverlets, 0.

upstairs bedroom 6-4-2015 9-27-58 AM

4.) We’ve had rain for the past three days.  And at times, that rain has been heavy.  Yesterday, my little hummie was here during a downpour.

hummie 6-4-2015 11-01-13 AM

5.) I had a wonderful birthday.  Shopping and lunch with a friend on Wednesday, lunch with another friend yesterday, dinner and dessert with more friends, Marshall and Motor Man last night.  And lunch with another friend planned for next week.

fun with silly string

fun with silly string

marshall sundae db jr best 6-4-2015 8-08-44 PM

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes.

~These Days Of Mine~





Just Aggie

Saturday, Motor Man and I took a day trip to the Outer Banks. We drove up on the beach in search of wild horses and saw none. Zero. Zilch. None. Nada.

So it’s a good thing we stopped by Aggie’s pasture on our way to the beach.

db and aggie 4-11-2015 11-38-39 AM

She was happy to see us, and happier to see the apple we brought her for a treat. (I can just imagine her saying: “Hurry…hurry!”.

db and aggie2 4-11-2015 11-38-40 AM

Patience, Aggie…patience.

patience 4-11-2015 11-41-50 AM

Motor Man gave Aggie a little head “scritch”, too.

aggie and jr 4-11-2015 11-42-44 AM

Aggie’s fence is looking quite festive these days.  Someone made this sweet sign for her.

aggie's sign 4-11-2015 11-38-46 AM

 And, she has a beautiful spring wreath.

aggie and her wreath 4-11-2015 11-43-19 AM

Bye-bye, Aggie…

db aggie kiss 4-11-2015 11-41-48 AM

See you again soon!

~These Days Of Mine~

Yuck, Aggie!

Can you stand another post about horses? I promise this one is good for a laugh.

I’ve posted several times in the past about Aggie, the horse that we stop to visit on our trips to and from the Outer Banks.

Earlier this week, we made a quick trip to the OBX and stopped by her pasture. As I was walking the short distance from our truck to her fence, I noticed her head was down and thought she was drinking water.

She was actually eating. I’m not sure what it was (not knowing anything about what you feed horses), but it had the consistency of soupy oatmeal.  As I walked toward her, treats in hand, she lifted her head, and I saw her lunch dripping from her mouth.

Motor Man captured my reaction.

db yuck 9-22-2014 1-37-41 PM

And a close-up. (Of her, not me.)

aggies mouth 9-22-2014 1-37-41 PM

Oh, okay, if you insist.

db closeup 9-22-2014 1-37-41 PM

I put a few treats in her dish and we were on our way. Sorry, Aggie, no eating from my hand on this trip.

~These Days Of Mine~

Aggie’s Birthday

You may remember previous posts about Aggie, the white horse whose pasture we drive by on our trips to and from the Outer Banks. (If you’re a new reader and would like to catch up on Aggie: here are the links to my first post, second post and third post about her.)

A few months ago, I posted a picture of Aggie on an Outer Banks Facebook page of which I’m a member. A friend of Aggie’s family sent me a private message with some info, and included in that message was Aggie’s birth date: March 30, 1992. Yes, Aggie turned 22 years young yesterday.

Our plans for the day happened to take us in Aggie’s direction, so we paid her a birthday visit.  We took her a Happy Birthday balloon.

"For me?  You shouldn't have!"

“For me? You shouldn’t have!”

And a gift…

db with aggie and gift bag 3-30-2014 12-09-17 PM

She couldn’t wait to see what was inside:

"Hurry! Hurry" What's in that bag?"

“Hurry! Hurry” What’s in that bag?”

Our birthday gift to Aggie was a carrot and a few horse treats.

aggie gift 3-30-2014 12-09-33 PM

Happy Birthday, Aggie!

aggie and balloon 3-30-2014 12-12-43 PM

( And psst: you don’t look a day over 21.)

~These Days Of Mine~