Random Five Friday

Post-birthday random five:

1.)  Motor Man and I went to the Outer Banks last weekend.  Our planned afternoon of riding on the beach, looking for the wild horses didn’t go quite as we planned.  The sand was in such treacherous condition, after a couple of miles, we decided it best that we turn around.  I didn’t draw a deep breath until we were back on the hard surface.

sand 5-31-2015 6-28-06 PM

2.) Since we didn’t see any horses on the beach, it’s a good thing we stopped to visit Aggie on the way home. We gave her a granola bar and an apple.

db and aggie 6-1-2015 1-32-42 PM

3.) Sundae has been at it again:  what in the WORLD was she trying to do to the guest room bed? Final score:  Sundae, 1 coverlets, 0.

upstairs bedroom 6-4-2015 9-27-58 AM

4.) We’ve had rain for the past three days.  And at times, that rain has been heavy.  Yesterday, my little hummie was here during a downpour.

hummie 6-4-2015 11-01-13 AM

5.) I had a wonderful birthday.  Shopping and lunch with a friend on Wednesday, lunch with another friend yesterday, dinner and dessert with more friends, Marshall and Motor Man last night.  And lunch with another friend planned for next week.

fun with silly string

fun with silly string

marshall sundae db jr best 6-4-2015 8-08-44 PM

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes.

~These Days Of Mine~





17 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Maybe Sundae was trying to create the purrfect present for you, like the hotel staff who create swans out of towels? Fun post, and glad you had a nice birthday!! ❤ MJ

  2. Looks like you had great birthday celebrations. And it’s always nice when you can extend the celebration for another day or two!

  3. Such an excellent close up of the hummingbird at your pretty feeder. Sounds like your birthday week was quite sunny although the weather wasn’t. haha…I remember my mother asking “What were you celebrating?” whenever she surveyed a mess in the house. Perhaps Sundae was celebrating your birthday.

  4. I cannot bekeive how “cordoroury” the beach was! your birthday was as much fun for us as it was for you thanks for sharing! What a treat to see Marshall too! Great post and if the birthday celebration continues – call me – always glad to help a sister celebrate! Enjoy your weekend#

  5. Sundae is trying her paw at decorating I guess…..making it more comfy for HER! So glad you had a wonderful birthday celebration.


  6. Looks like Sundae is making a “nest” to sleep in, or under!

  7. Looks like it was a week full of SMILES!!!

  8. love the family shot. and always love to see aggie!

  9. Another great R5F- covering all the bases …
    Had a good time last evening, & Happy Birthday, again!! –
    streeeeeeetch it out !

  10. Brenda Hodgson

    Looks like you had a wonderful week! Little Miss Sundae had herself a party!

  11. Happy belated birthday. Sounds like a nice day out even with not seeing the horses. Aggy’s a wonderful girl.
    Sweet little Sundae, my my she does try to keep things in top-cat shape. She’s a peach. 🙂

  12. You’ve had a great birthday week! You deserve it because you are one special person. ❤

  13. A wonderful set of randoms today Dianna! I love your meeting with Aggie and Sundae’s leftover bed covers, and especially that you had a happy birthday! 🙂

  14. What was going on at the beach? Glad you got to see Aggie. Sundae must be redecorating?

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