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The Beach….And Aggie

Saturday, Motor Man and I made a day trip to the Outer Banks. It was a beautiful day, and the sand was perfect for driving on the beach. We didn’t use four-wheel-drive for the majority of the ride.

beach 4-26-2014 11-46-25 AM

We weren’t able to do much driving on the “back roads” off the beach. There had been so much rain recently in that area, there were LOTS of “sippy holes” like this one. When this is looming ahead of you, you definitely take an alternate route. Unless, of course, you’re like this guy, who later wished he had.

sippy hole 4-26-2014 10-50-14 AM

I thought I’d share this series of pictures of us driving across a dune back onto the beach. Picture 1:

dune1 4-26-2014 11-18-26 AM

Picture 2: getting a “runny-go”:

dune2 4-26-2014 11-18-30 AM

Picture 3: can we make it?

dune3 4-26-2014 11-18-31 AM

(Yes, we made it.)

We didn’t see one, single, solitary wild horse, so I was, obviously, disappointed about that.  It’s a good thing we stopped to see sweet Aggie both heading to the beach and coming back home.

aggie and db 4-26-2014 3-00-22 PM

It seems that Aggie has quite a fan club. I posted a picture and comment about her birthday on an Outer Banks Facebook page, and, at last check, it had more than 200 likes. Go, Aggie!

Tune in tomorrow for news about our most recent Sunday adventure with Motor Man’s Mom.

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