Stuck In The Middle

When Motor Man and I drive out on the beach at the Outer Banks, we also travel the “back roads”, since that’s where most of the horses can be seen. On one of our previous trips, we came across this unfortunate incident.

We immediately began thinking that it could be a future blog post, and we started thinking of some of the possible scenarios with the folks involved. Since we didn’t see the driver anywhere, we don’t know anything about him/her or their particular situation.

For the sake of (hopefully) an entertaining blog post, let’s just imagine that the driver was a male and that he had a female companion with him. Most likely, she attempted to talk him out of it before he started through the mudhole.  And he probably heard “I told you so” at least once when it became apparent that they weren’t going to come out the other side of said mudhole.

I wonder if he had to carry her through the mud.

I wonder if that was a rented Jeep.

I wonder how far they had to walk. I don’t think AAA is an option in that location. Although, as Motor Man noted,  he really only needed to be towed about five feet, rather than the complimentary five miles that AAA offers.

Of course, if the driver and passengers were all males, they’re probably still laughing about the whole experience.

22 responses to “Stuck In The Middle

  1. Wonder how long before he found someone with a tractor (you did say BACK roads, didn’t you?) willing to tow him those 5 feet. Had to be a male driver. A woman wouldn’t want to get mud on herself if it happened to splash. At least, this woman wouldn’t ! LOL!!

  2. Having been there, on those back roads after a storm, I am sure you are probably right…my guess is all males, and not terribly concerned about the stuck jeep! Everyone down there is so used to this, I think they all have rope and chains for pulling each other out! What a great shot – glad it wasn’t YOUR vehicle!

  3. Uhoh…..I think it’s just too darn tempting for some folks in “off road” type vehicles to play “splash through the puddle on purpose” and sadly THIS happens! You and JR are too sensible (?) to do that but it’s fun to imagine scenarios when coming across this type of scene isn’t it?!?! I think the “all males” situation is most likely – and lots of laughing was most assuredly involved. At least until the tow bill arrives. HAHAHA


  4. Oh my word. I hope they find a kind John Deere owner. A friend of ours put himself through law school towing folks out of the sand along Galveston’s beaches back when cars were allowed.

  5. This is all new to me! I had no idea that someBODY could find themselves in a “puddle” that deep. I didn’t know there were puddles that deep there! I love your scenario Dianna. Jeep peeps might be feeling a little embarrassed about that “Trail Rated” emblem they got stuck there near the front door. I would never let that baby get dirty like that… 😆 Fun post this morning Dianna!

  6. I’ve been there with my brother…years and years ago. It’s all fun until that happens! Glad it wasn’t you and Motor Man. 🙂

  7. Oh how I wish we could find out the true story. Although, I have to admit I am going with either of your scenarios….of course the lady would have said not to do it…he would have “poo-poohed” her….she would have screamed…then given him the silent treatment….he would have felt stupid….but wouldn’t admit that to her….. Let us know if you ever solve the mystery behind the sunken Jeep!

  8. What a scene! Talk about abandon ship 😉

  9. OK after taking a close look at the pictures I know it was at least one guy. There is plenty of room on the side of that puddle to drive through. HE didn’t have to go through it! But it was there…so HE had to! Have you ever seen a little boy pass up jumping in a puddle? I rest my case.

  10. too funny (as long as it’s not us in the driver’s seat!)

  11. rofl. Fun post and ponders, I wonder too. 😆

  12. It probably didn’t look deep, but there’s obviously plenty of room to go round it!

  13. He, she, they probably got out, and went lookin’ for somebody with something bigger to come along and get stuck, too … 😉

  14. oh my…can you even imagine how MAD you’d be??!! I’d be fuming! But, since it’s just a post…I’m laughing!!

  15. Ha! I can totally ‘hear’ that conversation if it were male and female in the jeep! That is one big ooooopppps!

  16. Funny story! I have to admit that I would have been one to say “I told you so”! 🙂

  17. Seeing the Jeep in the giant puddle reminded me of the mud bog races we used to attend.

  18. That could have easily been my husband and I. I would say no don’t risk it, he would say you are no fun! oh and he would have had to carry me 😀 fun post,

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    That’s the way it is when you make the wrong choice, which it looks like that’s what happen.

  20. Uh oh, that’s looks like it was an unhappy experience for someone, male or female! Obviously they rescued themselves. Would be interesting to know the story 🙂 ~ Sheila

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