Farewell, Barn Charm

One of my favorite blog memes, Barn Charm, is no more. And I really hate to see it go.  The first ever Barn Charm was on October 4, 2010, and ironically, I participated for the first time exactly one year later on October 4, 2011.

As a going-away post, here’s a barn Motor Man and I found this weekend in a neighboring county.

barn1 9-29-2013 11-37-43 AM

I thought the little bit of remaining red paint was interesting.

This next picture is of the opposite end of the barn. (You know I love the fact that there’s a horse in the shot.)

barn2 9-29-2013 11-39-39 AM

And here’s one of the side. (A little more red paint.)

barn4 9-29-2013 11-40-37 AM

Even though Barn Charm may be gone, don’t be surprised if I share a barn photo once in awhile here on These Days.

  Old habits die hard.

Thanks, Bluff Area Daily, for hosting and for all the wonderful Barn Charm memories.


21 responses to “Farewell, Barn Charm

  1. I have to admit that I was looking for the obligatory light pole. Have loved the old barns – a part of my childhood and good memories. Will continue to look forward to them.

  2. I was just thinking of you b/c my Grandpa’s barn is getting a remodel — yep – a new roof. You should see it – that old, stately barn is still standing, tall and proud, but with a pretty new green roof. I’ll send a picture for you to share 🙂

    I hate to see “Barn Charm” go the way so many old barns have gone …

  3. That’s probably the “widest” barn I’ve ever seen…..quite interesting structure and I too like the remaining red paint – glad to hear that although the official “Barn Charm” meme is no more, you’ll still be sharing your barn finds on the blog!


  4. Love those barn charm pigtures so please share more if you find them ^_^

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  5. I always wonder about the farm that has such a huge barn. it must have been a very busy, thriving place at one time.
    Will miss the barn photos but glad you’ll continue periodically posting those reminders of times past!!!

  6. This may be your chance to re-start it. You can be Mom to a Meme! J

  7. I know there will be more. The attention you gave to all your barns in the meme sent me to researching a bit about so many styles and influences. I must admit, I look at barns a bit differently now having studied all of yours. It was, is and will be a time to pause and appreciate them.

  8. Sad to hear about Barn Charm. Very sad. I have been out of the loop. I will look forward to you sharing a barn whenever your heart desires! I hope it is often! A charming barn, a horse and a fence with some beautiful clouds, can’t ask for more than that!

  9. I always loved your Barn Charm photos and this one is no exception. Keep ’em coming anyway!

  10. Now that’s a big barn and I love the gentle slope of the roof line. Oh if barns could talk…

  11. Wow this is one huge barn.

  12. You find too many good barns for them not to show up on TheseDays ! This is a fitting one to close Barn Charm, though … I like it !

  13. that one’s quite a sprawler!

  14. Nice to see all views of the barn. Looks like it is on its last legs.

  15. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your barn pics. Hope to see some Fall pics out of you, too.

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    With the colors of the sky and the field, your barn photos are wonderful.
    You will have to give us more barn charm from time to time.

  17. What an interesting barn! I’m sad to see barn charm end too and plan to keep sharing a barn or two!

  18. What a fascinating barn–it must have been awesome in its heyday. The barn posts are some of my favorites. I’ll miss them and will keep my fingers crossed that you’ll find additional barns to occasionally share with us.

  19. It’s tough to pass a barn without taking a picture of it.

  20. Wonderful barn for the last Barn Charm post! It doesn’t look like it will last too much longer.

  21. Well, sorry to know this is done! I have to say, you’ve really raised my awareness of old barns as I visit various parts of the country. I NEVER see one without thinking of you! And I’ve even photographed a few when time allowed, just because you helped me recognize that these old structures are a true blend of charm and a working world that is not often celebrated. Thank you! ~ Sheila

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