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Thankful For The Week

Last week was a busy one.  One word that would sum up the week for us is “family”.

My niece, Donna, and her son, Connor, were here from Texas.  We visited with other family members, ate (a lot), drove out in the country (a lot). We also had a private family memorial for my late sister (Donna’s mom), June.  We took pictures, but I didn’t think to ask permission from everyone to post them.

We had Thanksgiving breakfast (yes, I cooked: alert the media) around the new/ old family table.  Marshall mentioned how appropriate it was that Donna and Connor were here for its “christening”.

table2 10-20-2015 6-26-57 PM

As I was preparing today’s post, I looked back on some photos of Donna and Connor’s previous visits.

Here’s a picture from 2008 of Marshall and Connor.

connor and marshall 7-11-2008 7-26-22

And the same two guys last week:

marshall and connor 11-27-2015 10-40-48 AM

The first time I met Connor – in 2005. He was three.

connor 3 years old

And, again, a picture taken last week. He’s now 13.

db and connor 11-26-2015 12-06-19 PM

Donna’s birthday was yesterday, but, while they were here, we celebrated early: with a birthday biscuit.

donna and db 11-27-2015 10-09-40 AM

Our emotions ran the gamut last week: anticipation (of their arrival), joy, sadness (at June’s memorial AND when Donna and Connor left for home), but through it all, we were thankful.

~These Days Of Mine~

On Their Way

Next week, I’m taking a little blogging break. You see, we have family coming in from out of town for the week.  And we’re going to be busy visiting, hugging, talking, taking pictures, hugging some more, talking some more, and taking more pictures. And eating.

So, today I’m wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and sharing with you one of my favorite “thankful” quotes:

“Give thanks for unknown blessings, already on their way.”
— Native American saying

jones creek 11-3-2015 5-43-57 PM

~These Days Of Mine~