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Friends, Kitties And Treasures

You may recall that a few weeks ago,  Motor Man and I met my blogging friend, Georgette, and members of her family in Hanover  Va, for lunch at Hanover Tavern.

That day, Motor Man also stopped me by Through The Garden Gate Antique Mall, located just a few miles from the Tavern.

I mentioned all this to another blogging friend, Pam, mom to Sammy, One Spoiled Cat. Since the distance to Hanover is about the same for Motor Man and me as it is for Pam and her hubby, Dave, we decided that it would be a good destination for a visit. And yesterday, we did just that.

We met in the parking lot of the antique mall, arriving a few minutes before they opened.

TTGG 8-19-2014 9-56-58 AM

Pam and I meandered around together, while the guys (as guys will do) made quick work of the mall. Motor Man quickly returned to the area where Pam and I were browsing when he heard us “oohing” and “aahing” excitedly. He knew that I was responsible for most of the oohs and ahs. THIS was what I had found (this picture was taken in the parking lot after my purchase):

pam db stamp set 8-19-2014 11-09-26 AM

A vintage rubber stamp set, with LOTS of stamps…some images, some words, in a neat old wooden box. I can’t wait to try them with my ink pads. I bought a couple of other small items, which I’ll tell you about in a future post. Pam and Dave bought a picture that reminded them of their kitty, Sam.

We then traveled the few miles to Hanover Tavern, where we enjoyed a yummy lunch and had a very nice visit. Pam asked for a picture of us.


And I returned the favor by taking this one of her and hubby, Dave.

pam and dave 8-19-2014 11-42-37 AM

 And, of course, we had to have one of the four of us together.

four of us 8-19-2014 1-00-36 PM

Pam has been a good friend for several years (ever since we “met” in this wonderful blogosphere). We don’t get to see each other in person too often, but when we do, it’s always a good time.

And then, we all went home to our respective kitties and answered to them for our whereabouts all day.

~These Days Of Mine~

The Birthday Rundown

Since so many a couple of you asked, here’s how I celebrated my birthday last week:

Breakfast with Motor Man and Marshall at Bojangles, and roses from the two of them.

bojs db marsh jr

Later that day, beachcombing with my friend, Bev. We found shells and a couple of pieces of sea glass.

bev db 6-4-2014 12-10-19 PM

Dinner that night at a local restaurant with Motor Man and members of his family, including Motor Mum.

dbjr mom at station 6-4-2014 6-14-019

Lunch and laughs on Thursday with my good friends, Linda and Donna.

linda db donna 6-5-2014 1-39-28 PM

And, last but not least, a two-hour “catch up” lunch with my friend, Doris, on Friday. It had been way too long since we’d seen each other.

db and doris 6-6-2014 1-14-22 PM

I have a bit more celebrating to do (soon) with my sister and niece.  This year, I made a rule that, with every birthday, I’m going to stretch the celebration out a bit longer. It was a week filled with family, friends, fun, love and good times. Oh, and did someone mention food? I don’t even want to think about all the birthday desserts I ate…..

And I promise: no more about my birthday for, oh, about the next 51 weeks.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Here we are again: time for Random Five Friday.

1.) As you can imagine, my thoughts this week are mostly on the weather. We’re still covered in snow, and although it’s hindered travel for some, it’s made for some outstanding photo ops.

icy trees and shrubs 1-30-2014 8-04-09 AM

2.) If you aren’t an e-mail subscriber of These Days, here’s a programming note: although I don’t usually post on weekends, there will be a special post this Sunday. And, no, it isn’t Groundhog Day related, nor Super Bowl related.

3.) Have you ever heard the expression: “If friends were flowers, I’d pick you!”? When Motor Man and I met with my friend, Pam, and her husband, Dave, back in December, Pam gave me an Amaryllis for Christmas. It’s now blooming, and everytime I walk by it, I think of her. And yes, Pam, I would definitely pick you!

amaryllis 1-30-2014 2-32-43 PM

4.) This week, I’ve been thankful again for the genealogical information that I am so fortunate to have inherited.  A distant cousin (90 years old) passed away on Monday, and I’ll be attending her funeral this afternoon. How is she related to me? Her grandmother and my great-grandmother were sisters. We’re cousins, but I have no idea how many times removed. She was a sweet person, and I’ll miss visiting her in the nursing home.

hazel  1-30-2014 3-15-12 PM.bmp-001

5.)  Thursday evening’s sunset was simply amazing. I trudged across our side yard in snow to the top of my boots to get this. (It was worth it.)

winter sunset1 1-29-2014 5-39-18 PM

Happy Friday, everyone, and I’m joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for:

~These Days Of Mine~

Birthday Twins

Marilyn is my birthday twin. We were born on June 4.

Of the same year.

In the same hospital.

Our mothers were in the same room. They were acquaintances even before that. On the night we were born, my mom was in the delivery room, but, apparently, I was in no hurry. So they wheeled my mom out and brought in Marilyn’s mom. I think Marilyn is about a half hour older than me.

She was at my first  birthday party.

We started first grade together.

We went through elementary and high school in the same class. These were our junior class pictures, scanned from the yearbook.

We graduated on our 18th birthday.

It’s probably been twenty-plus years we’ve seen each other. Marilyn now lives about five hours away, but we reconnected about a year ago on Facebook.  Last week, she sent me a message that she would be in town over the weekend and wondered if we could get together.

We did. And, boy, oh boy, did we have a lot of catching up to do. We managed to stop talking long enough to have a picture taken.

We don’t plan to let another twenty years go by without visiting again. Birthday twins should see each other more often than that.