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Random Five Friday

The last Random Five Friday before Christmas. Has the year gone by as quickly for you as it has for me?  –sigh-  Here’s a little randomness:

1.) The juvenile mute swan visited again earlier this week.  And, along with her this time was Bride Swan.  If the younger one is going to be a regular here, I guess I need to name him/her.  And I’m hoping he/she learns some manners soon: he/she wasn’t sharing the bread too well that day with Bride Swan. And perhaps I need to research whether it’s possible to determine swan gender?

bride and new swan 12-16-2014 8-24-16 AM

2.) Also visiting this week was my niece and her son, Jase.  Have I mentioned that he’s my great great nephew? And we took a selfie!

jase and db 12-15-2014 2-14-40 PM

3.) Sundae had a visitor this week, too. Well, sort of.

sundae and bird 12-14-2014 8-06-03 AM

4.) Motor Man and I visited Santa this week. Sort of.

dbjrsanta 12-12-2014 8-57-16 PM

 5.) And the seemingly obligatory Friday marina photo – taken before sunrise on Monday.

marina 12-15-2014 6-32-03 AM

Happy weekend! Will it be a relaxing one for you or hectic with last minute preparations?

~These Days Of Mine~


Meeting Jase

You may recall reading about the baby shower that was held here at our house last year for my great niece, Gail, who lives in Spokane.

Gail and her husband, Charlie, welcomed baby Jase into their family last September. Oddly enough, Gail had been told during her ultrasound that they’d be having a girl. Surprise!

This week, I finally met Jase, when he and his parents came to visit. I was afraid those little piggy toes would be grown before I got to see them.

jase and db 6-2-2014 1-10-13 PM

Jase just learned to crawl last week, so he’s still honing his skills. I loved watching him as he sat up after crawling etc. Sundae was definitely more interested in him than he was in her.

liftoff 6-2-2014 2-39-10 PM

Playtime with Mom.

jase and gail playing 6-2-2014 3-19-37 PM

And meeting Uncle JR.

jrdbjase 6-2-2014 4-47-03 PM

Unfortunately I didn’t try to take pictures of Jase with his parents until they were ready to leave, and, by then, he’d gotten sleepy. This was the best we could do, but I wanted to include his dad in this post.

jase gail charlie1 6-2-2014 4-47-38 PM

It was a fun afternoon, and a reminder again that God gives babies to young folks. (Remember, great great auntie just had a birthday yesterday.)

~These Days Of Mine~