Random Five Friday

The last Random Five Friday before Christmas. Has the year gone by as quickly for you as it has for me?  –sigh-  Here’s a little randomness:

1.) The juvenile mute swan visited again earlier this week.  And, along with her this time was Bride Swan.  If the younger one is going to be a regular here, I guess I need to name him/her.  And I’m hoping he/she learns some manners soon: he/she wasn’t sharing the bread too well that day with Bride Swan. And perhaps I need to research whether it’s possible to determine swan gender?

bride and new swan 12-16-2014 8-24-16 AM

2.) Also visiting this week was my niece and her son, Jase.  Have I mentioned that he’s my great great nephew? And we took a selfie!

jase and db 12-15-2014 2-14-40 PM

3.) Sundae had a visitor this week, too. Well, sort of.

sundae and bird 12-14-2014 8-06-03 AM

4.) Motor Man and I visited Santa this week. Sort of.

dbjrsanta 12-12-2014 8-57-16 PM

 5.) And the seemingly obligatory Friday marina photo – taken before sunrise on Monday.

marina 12-15-2014 6-32-03 AM

Happy weekend! Will it be a relaxing one for you or hectic with last minute preparations?

~These Days Of Mine~

19 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Nice bunch of randomness! Love that last photo – the marina looks so serene and beautiful…….Happy Friday! Things are quiet here which makes me happy.


  2. Hmmm, hope Groom swan doesn’t get his beak out of joint since Bride swan was visiting with the mute swan. I doubt if you could tell the gender of swans without a very close exam! But Wikipedia states that black swans and white swans can’t interbreed so it might be true of the mute swan, too.

  3. Boy, Sundae sure is giving that bird the eye. 🙂 Beautiful photos, Dianna!

  4. Beautiful pics, especially through the window at Sundae’s visitor. Peaceful early morning shot with the water like glass and full of reflections.

  5. Definitely leaning more towards hectic this weekend. The marina shot is particularly beautiful to me this morning. Have a nice weekend, Dianna.

  6. Looks like a week of fun visits from that sweet little fellow to the big round fellow with a white beard to Sundae’s visitor. I wonder how long Sundae watched that birdie?

  7. I love your new Swan. Does he/she have a name yet? Do you know where it comes from? Is Groom swan still visiting? So many questions I have!

  8. That pigture of Sundae is so sweet!


  9. I agree with Pam.. last photo is beautiful! No hectic here.. family Christmas on Sunday and all is done.

  10. Another great collection for R5F !
    I like the muted swan, but I hope he/she learns some manners…
    Awesome marina pic ! – “divided sky” all the way !

  11. Sundae looks very intense in her photo — great pictures and yes – Christmas came around again quickly!

  12. like the new juvie, but hope it ‘settles in’ quickly. love the last reflection shot. happy christmas to you!

  13. Love your “sort of” meetings. And your randoms are so sweet too. Happy end of year Friday and Merry Christmas too! 🙂

  14. Wonderful Friday Fives. I didn’t know about the baby swan. That’s so neat. I’ve been away from blogging to long. lol
    Here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  15. Yes, the year has flown by! You had a fun week. Love the marina photo and the selfie! Hope you guys were good and that Santa treats you right! ~ Sheila

  16. A GREAT Friday 5. The Juvenile swan s big and we LOVE the new header photo!

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another great R5F, Dianna! All the pictures are great.

  18. I always enjoy your Random Five Friday posts–but I think this one is my all-time favorite. The pictures are wonderful

  19. All those visits and visitors! We attended the company Christmas party Saturday, and had a quiet day in on Sunday.

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