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Black Friday: Our Way

Many several years ago, I accidentally went shopping (for one item) on the day after Thanksgiving. (It wasn’t even called Black Friday then, as I recall.)  I stopped at Sears to buy a Fisher Price train to travel along the rail of Marshall’s crib.

I promised myself then that the day after Thanksgiving would never again be a shopping day for me.

Allow me to share how Motor Man and I spent our Friday morning last week.

Look! No crowds:

beach1 11-28-2014 7-45-33 AM

 No doorbuster sale signs.

sea foam 11-28-2014 7-57-28 AM

The food court:

horses 11-28-2014 8-53-12 AM

No hurrying or scurrying for bargains here:

db in rear view 11-28-2014 8-41-33 AM

And no traffic jams in the parking lot:

dunes1 11-28-2014 9-04-21 AM

Continuing our stress-free day, on the way home, we stopped for a visit with sweet Aggie.

aggie and db 11-28-2014 12-07-21 PM 11-28-2014 12-07-21 PM

I saw this cartoon on Facebook; my apologies to any readers who may actually enjoy the frenzy of shopping on Black Friday.

black friday

~These Days Of Mine~

The Beach: Beautiful, But Brrrr…..

Our weekend included a brief trip to the Outer Banks. No, it wasn’t entirely because of my not-so-subtle hint in Friday’s post; we needed to winterize our beach house.

We squeaked in a ride up on the beach to, hopefully, see some horses. They are a little harder to find as the weather gets cooler.

Even on the dreariest days, there’s beauty to be found on the beach, but it was exceptionally nice Saturday morning. The sun peeking through the clouds made for an interesting sky.

beach1 11-15-2014 9-05-30 AM

We almost had the place to ourselves. And the sand was as smooth and firm as a highway; no need for 4-wheel-drive except when we were crossing a dune.

beach 1a 11-15-2014 9-10-02 AM

We only saw six horses, none of them in very attractive settings. I zoomed in on this one to avoid background clutter. You can tell he’s already wearing his winter woolies.

horse2 11-15-2014 9-30-24 AM

He needed that coat Saturday morning: 38 degrees at the beach with a wind chill of 30.

However… some folks were apparently still in summer mode.

cyclists 11-15-2014 10-18-23 AM 11-15-2014 10-18-23 AM

Disclaimer: all photos were taken from the comfort of our vehicle. Brrr….

~These Days Of Mine~

And The Answer Is….

Yesterday, I left you with a cliffhanger: did we see any horses during our weekend trip to the Outer Banks?

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, we saw a total of 39 horses.  The first one was standing in front of the restored Coast Guard Station. This picture was taken from the beach.

horse at coast guard stn 6-21-2014 8-25-49 AM

Traveling around to the back of the property, we saw this family.

horses at coast guard station 6-21-2014 8-27-42 AM

Just look at this little one. (I’ve sent a message to Corolla Wild Horse Fund, asking its name, but as of yet, haven’t gotten a response. When I do, I’ll share.)

baby 6-21-2014 8-26-14 AM

Then, this one, who brought to mind the book Black Beauty.

bb 6-21-2014 8-29-05 AM

And, finally, what I always hope for: horses on the beach.

3 horses head on 6-21-2014 11-37-25 AM

During some of our winter trips, we didn’t see any horses, on others, we’d see a few. I guess the horses are like us humans: they much prefer the beach during the summer.

~These Days Of Mine~

Come Saturday Morning

Motor Man and I spent the weekend on the Outer Banks. (I’m never sure which preposition to use: “on” the Outer Banks, “in” the Outer Banks, “at” the Outer Banks.  It was much easier in the old days when everyone referred to it as Nags Head.

Saturday morning, we drove up on the beach. It was very overcast, so we didn’t even attempt to get there in time for sunrise. But, later in the morning, the sun did manage to break through the clouds.

waves 6-21-2014 8-17-15 AM

The beach is different every time we go. This was a severe….shelf? gully? wash?  We’d never seen one that deep before. Definitely not something we wanted to drive over, even in our trusty little 4-wheel drive Jeep.

gully 6-21-2014 8-20-15 AM

I did a little “shelling”, while Motor Man did a little unauthorized picture-taking.

db shelling1 6-21-2014 10-48-54 AM

When I got back in the Jeep and glanced at him, this is what I saw.

motorman visor 6-21-2014 10-51-16 AM

Hey…he may take unauthorized photos, but I’m the one with the blog.

jr 6-21-2014 10-51-22 AM

We traveled the “back roads”; it was a fun morning on (and off) the beach.

off road 6-21-2014 11-14-40 AM

Did we see horses? I’ll tell you tomorrow!

~These Days Of Mine~

Adventure, Silly And Fun

We had a fun little adventure with Motor Mum yesterday.

After lunch at Cracker Barrel, which included their current delicious dessert, Butter Pecan Chocolate Cobbler (yes, the three of us split one)…. we made a quick trip to the Outer Banks.

The surf was very rough, and  No Swimming advisories were posted. Thankfully, we hadn’t planned to go swimming. But what a gorgeous day for a drive.

pier and surf 6-1-2014 2-18-20 PM

On our way home, we stopped at a veggie market, and couldn’t resist trying on the straw hats.

jr and mom in hats 6-1-2014 3-44-42 PM

Nice…but aqua is more my color.

db and mom in hats 6-1-2014 3-45-06 PM

Strawberries and tomatoes were bought before we headed home. (Motor Mum just has no idea what lies in store for her during her weekly adventure with us.)

~These Days Of Mine~

The Weekend Included Horses

Our weekend was a busy one. After I met friends Saturday morning for shopping at the Farmers’ Market, followed by lunch, Motor Man and I headed to the Outer Banks.

Along the way, we stopped to visit Aggie, who was looking especially beautiful. I think she’d had her hair done.

aggie1 5-24-2014 3-22-28 PM

The next morning, we were on the beach in time to catch the sunrise over the ocean.

sunrise 5-25-2014 5-50-03 AM

We then drove up to Corolla and out on the beach. We only saw three horses; they were  grazing on one of the dunes in the early morning sun.

3 horses 5-25-2014 7-27-38 AM

On our way home yesterday, Aggie was treated to another apple as we passed by her pasture.

aggie and db mon 5-26-2014 11-38-07 AM

The weather was picture perfect in our area for all the outdoor holiday activities….including horse sightings.

~These Days Of Mine~

“Catchin’ A Wave”

Today, I’m sharing last weekend’s adventure with Motor Man and his mom. And let me just say that it was something quite different for her.

We picked her up around mid-morning and headed for the Outer Banks.  She thought we were just going to check on our beach house, have lunch and drive back home.


Once we were in the Outer Banks, we helped her into our Jeep and off we went out onto the beach at Corolla.  She didn’t care much for bumping across the sand. She didn’t care much for Motor Man driving so close to the ocean. We only saw four horses, and none of those were on the beach (or even in good spots for photographs). She didn’t seem to be enjoying the adventure very much.

But then, she happened to mention that she might like to dip her toes in the Atlantic . Here’s the rest of the story:

By the time Motor Man got the step stool from the back of the Jeep, she had already taken her shoes and knee-hi's.

By the time Motor Man got the step stool from the back of the Jeep, she had already taken off her shoes and knee-hi’s.

dip1a 2-22-2014 2-28-55 PM

Hmm…I don’t know about this…

dip2 2-22-2014 2-28-56 PM

Motor Man thought she was just going to get her toes wet; he’s still wearing his socks and shoes.

dip3 2-22-2014 2-28-59 PM

I love this picture!

dip4 2-22-2014 2-29-01 PM

Motor Man’s smiling here, but he had to endure soggy socks and shoes for the entire trip home.

I had set up our camera on the tripod as Motor Man was helping his mom out of the Jeep, so even though both of them had cold, wet feet, we managed to get a “group picture”.

dbjr mrs k 2-22-2014 2-29-41 PM

We helped Mom dry her feet right away and turned on the heat in the Jeep. Then, with her socks and shoes back on, we treated her to a nice dinner and delivered her safely back home. I think this trip will give her something to talk about…until her next adventure.

~These Days Of Mine~