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Come Saturday Morning

Motor Man and I spent the weekend on the Outer Banks. (I’m never sure which preposition to use: “on” the Outer Banks, “in” the Outer Banks, “at” the Outer Banks.  It was much easier in the old days when everyone referred to it as Nags Head.

Saturday morning, we drove up on the beach. It was very overcast, so we didn’t even attempt to get there in time for sunrise. But, later in the morning, the sun did manage to break through the clouds.

waves 6-21-2014 8-17-15 AM

The beach is different every time we go. This was a severe….shelf? gully? wash?  We’d never seen one that deep before. Definitely not something we wanted to drive over, even in our trusty little 4-wheel drive Jeep.

gully 6-21-2014 8-20-15 AM

I did a little “shelling”, while Motor Man did a little unauthorized picture-taking.

db shelling1 6-21-2014 10-48-54 AM

When I got back in the Jeep and glanced at him, this is what I saw.

motorman visor 6-21-2014 10-51-16 AM

Hey…he may take unauthorized photos, but I’m the one with the blog.

jr 6-21-2014 10-51-22 AM

We traveled the “back roads”; it was a fun morning on (and off) the beach.

off road 6-21-2014 11-14-40 AM

Did we see horses? I’ll tell you tomorrow!

~These Days Of Mine~

Summer To Winter In 36 Hours

Saturday morning, Motor Man needed to run an errand just across the Virginia/North Carolina border. The weather was almost perfect: sunny and temps in the low 70’s.  With a forecast looming for rain, sleet, wind and temps in the thirties for last night and today, we decided to head to the beach once our errand was complete.

The condition of the sand is different each time we go out on the beach. Saturday, it was perfect for driving; we didn’t even need to use 4-wheel-drive. That’s smoke in the distance, but we don’t know the source.

the beach 3-15-2014 12-23-57 PM

“My” wild horses are apparently still hunkered down in the brush, because we didn’t see any out on the beach. But we did spot this one, still wearing its winter woolies.

horse 3-15-2014 12-41-21 PM

I’m glad we stored up a little summer to get us through this (hopefully) last round of winter.


In shirtsleeves, but a bit windblown!

(No snow for us this St. Patrick’s Day morning; just windy, rainy and 34 degrees.)

~These Days Of Mine~

Motor Man’s Wild Horse Tours

This weekend, for the first time,  Motor Man and I took friends on a “Wild Horse Tour” on the Outer Banks.  Our neighbor, Susie, has been wanting to see the horses, so we scheduled a 5 a.m. departure time Sunday morning from her beach house.

Susie had two young friends visiting her at the beach: a twelve-year old and her eight-year old brother. All three of them were ready and waiting when we arrived to take them on their tour.

We watched the sun rise as we drove along the beach.

We’d only been on the beach about 15 minutes when we spotted the first horse. (Whew! It would have been so disappointing to not see any horses.)

We drove along the beach up to the North Carolina/Virginia state line. This fence marks the line and extends up on the beach. It’s one of the boundaries used to contain the horses within their protected area.

We saw a total of 41 horses on our trip, including these five, sunning themselves beside the dunes.

We also saw this tiny fawn. We hope Mama Deer was nearby, but we didn’t see her.

This particular dune presented quite a challenge, but Motor Man and the Jeep were “up” to the task.  As you might imagine, the eight-year old, being a boy, was thrilled that it took us three attempts to reach the top.  Me, not so much.

Motor Man: have Jeep, will find horses.

June To-Do List

For Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week, I chose this prompt:

1.) Ten To-Dos in June

June is a super-busy month for us. The first three items on my to-do list are now on my “done” list.

1.) Celebrate my friend, Bev’s, birthday.

2.) Celebrate my birthday, which is the day after Bev’s.

3.) Celebrate my in-law’s 70th wedding anniversary, which I posted about yesterday.

4.) Welcome my niece, Donna, her son, Connor, and their friends, who will be visiting next week from Texas. This will be their friends’ first trip to our area, so we’ll be busy showing them around. Wondering about the background in this picture? It’s the framework of the monster truck, Gravedigger. His shop is about an hour and a half from us, and a few of Connor’s trips to Virginia in the past have included a visit to Gravedigger’s Dungeon.

5.) Have lunch and catch up with a relative (distant cousin) that I haven’t seen since we were children.  She lives in New York now, and will be in town next week. We plan to have lunch and fill each other in on the last ** years.

6.) Celebrate Marshall’s birthday (June is THE month for birthdays around here).

7.) Celebrate Father’s Day.  My dad died when I was only eight months old, but we’ll honor Motor Man’s dad. And of course,  Marshall will celebrate with his dad and with Motor Dad.

8.) Head to the beach.

8.) Enjoy downtown Smithfield during Olden Days.  This is a small town festival, held each summer. It features classic cars, crafts, entertainment and lots of food.

9.) Be at our local short track for Saturday night racing.

10.) And last, but not least, capture as many sunrises and sunsets as possible.

Our family sure packs a lot into a short month….

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Friday’s Fences – OBX

Motor Man and I spent most of last weekend in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Or is it ON the Outer Banks? Or AT the Outer Banks? Things were much simpler when it was simply referred to as Nag’s Head.

It definitely wasn’t beach weather – it was cool, mostly cloudy and breezy.

But we stopped at one of the beach access parking lots (empty, for the most part, this time of year), and briefly walked out on the dunes.

There’s just something about sand fences that I find so beautiful, even on cool, cloudy, breezy days.

Even when we were back in the car, driving down the beach road, I was still taking pictures.

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Smile Photo – Pocketbooks At The Beach


This is another of my “smile” photos. Pictures that make me smile whenever I look at them.

My grandmother, Mae, is on the far right. The other women are two of her sisters, but  I’m not sure which ones (it was a large family). The man is her brother, Jimmy.  My grandmother died in 1969, so this was probably an early 1960’s photo.  Maybe 1950’s.

I’m fairly certain this was taken on the shore of the James River, and most likely at Burwell’s Bay.  It was a small beach located not far from where most of Grandma’s family lived.  And I’m guessing this was taken at a family gathering.

There are a couple of things about this picture that make me smile. One is that all three ladies are wearing open-toe shoes.  Obviously the style at that time. 

The dresses are a “given”.  In that era, women in that age group didn’t wear slacks, only dresses. Can you imagine seeing a group of women dressed like this at the beach in today’s world? It would probably make the evening news.

The other is that all three have their pocketbooks.  I never heard my Mom or Grandma refer to them as purses or handbags.  And ladies of my grandmother’s generation were never too far from their pocketbooks. Even at the beach.

And it makes me smile. Every time.