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Random Five Friday

Where does the time go? It’s already time again for Random Five Friday.

1.) Motor Man and I have plans to meet yet another blogger and her husband this weekend. Details next week!

2.) Sundae loves it when we cover her with her “throw”. She seems to be completely at ease under there. She’s always been afraid of the vacuum, but yesterday, I tried something new: I placed her throw over her before I vacuumed. And she never moved…even when I vacuumed under the bed. Brave girl!

..yes...that lump is Sundae

..yes…that lump is Sundae

3.) I’m still trying to adjust to daylight savings time. Loving the sunrises, even if I do wish they happened a little earlier in the morning.

sunrise 3-11 3-11-2014 6-04-03 AM

4.) Hopefully, once our weather decides that winter is over, I’ll be motivated to start my morning walks again. In years past, I’ve kept up my routine all winter, but this year, I’ve been lazy.

db walk2 11-7-2010 2-12-3

Braving the elements in 2010

5.) I’m feeling the need for some retail therapy…. soon.

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