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Last Evening’s Company

Motor Man and I went to a customer’s race shop yesterday afternoon, so we had dinner while we were out.

Since we’ve been having typical southeast Virginia summertime weather recently (hot, humid and only spotty rain in selected areas), I needed to water a few plants when we got home.  I was so engrossed in deadheading and pruning a bedraggled hanging petunia, that I didn’t notice I had company until I heard an odd “smacking” sound.

swan 7-21-2015 8-25-29 PM

“My” swan had come to visit, and I suppose the smacking sound was his way of letting me know that he was there and ready for dinner.

I glanced toward the western sky at the sunset…

sunset 7-21-2015 8-23-30 PM

…and saw that I had even more company. This mom actually has twins, but they wouldn’t cooperate to be in the same picture.

mom babe 7-21-2015 8-24-28 PM

We just never know who will come to visit around here…

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

This week’s random thoughts:

1.) Recently I’ve been upset that so many of my plants have been severely damaged by deer. Allow me to introduce the next generation of plant destroyers.

2.) The deer may have damaged a fair amount of my glads, but because of our plentiful rainfall this summer, I’ve had an abundance of blooms. I’ve managed to salvage some for our enjoyment too.

glads bathroom 7-15-2015 2-06-15 PM

3.) I’m pleased to share some HAPPY news: William/Guillermo, the Corolla foal that was sick and had to be removed from the herd, has been released from the NC State vet school hospital, and is now at the Corolla rescue facility. They’re planning an open house in October, and we’re planning to be there. He’ll be adopted by a veterinarian who’s on the board of directors at Corolla Wild Horse Fund. That’s his surrogate mom, Pebbles, in the video with him.

4.) We arrived home yesterday after dinner and errands just in time to catch the sunset with a friend.

swan in grass 7-16-2015 8-05-47 PM

 5.)  Here’s a teaser for you.  Can you spot Marshall’s gray kitty, Chessie, in this photo?  She’s in there, and I’ll provide her exact location in Monday’s post.

hidden chessie

Enjoy the weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Ending a hot, humid week here in southeast Virginia with five randoms:

1.) I glanced out our bedroom window one morning earlier this week and saw this bee on a lacecap hydrangea bloom.  Morning’s golden hour, once again, provided the perfect lighting.

bee on hydrangea 6-12-2015 8-17-09 AM

2.) Mistake?  Or marketing ploy? (Hoping customers will come in to tell you the word is spelling incorrectly, and in turn, make a purchase..??)

sirlion 6-14-2015 11-18-37 AM

3.) Humid, yes, indeed – even at sunrise.

sunrise 6-14 6-14-2015 6-36-03 AM

4.) Still no Bride Swan, so “New Swan” is filling in at being beautiful.

new swan

5.) And, finally, a couple of photos from Marshall’s birthday celebration (apologies to my FB friends for the rerun).

us 3 6-16-2015 9-46-30 AM

Motor Man and Marshall teamed up at the restaurant gift shop, and managed to buy and sneak this oar out to the vehicle without me knowing it.

db marsh oar1  6-16-2015 10-53-036 6-16-2015 10-53-35 AM

Any surprises in your life this week?

~These Days Of Mine~