Last Evening’s Company

Motor Man and I went to a customer’s race shop yesterday afternoon, so we had dinner while we were out.

Since we’ve been having typical southeast Virginia summertime weather recently (hot, humid and only spotty rain in selected areas), I needed to water a few plants when we got home.  I was so engrossed in deadheading and pruning a bedraggled hanging petunia, that I didn’t notice I had company until I heard an odd “smacking” sound.

swan 7-21-2015 8-25-29 PM

“My” swan had come to visit, and I suppose the smacking sound was his way of letting me know that he was there and ready for dinner.

I glanced toward the western sky at the sunset…

sunset 7-21-2015 8-23-30 PM

…and saw that I had even more company. This mom actually has twins, but they wouldn’t cooperate to be in the same picture.

mom babe 7-21-2015 8-24-28 PM

We just never know who will come to visit around here…

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “Last Evening’s Company

  1. See how wonderful things happen at the end of a busy day. It was a soft beautiful sunset, but nowhere as soft and sweet as the fawn and mother-that is awesome. I guess the least they can do after causing such havoc on your lovely plants is come up an pose for a few pictures! I do like how polite Newbie was by clacking to let you know he was there!Good morning and enjoy this cooler day!

  2. What enchanting company you have. Aw twins are so sweet. Fawns are always in motion. It’s a wonder the one you got in the photo isn’t a blur. lol Isn’t it amazing how the swan has learned to communicate with you. Wonderful thoughts and photos. Thanks for sharing your visitors with us.

  3. You do get some lovely company there on the water!


  4. That’s wonderful, Dianna! I think he’s ready for some A/C!

  5. Now that’s a ‘dinnerbell’! You can’t help but smile at all God’s wonders!

  6. Brenda Hodgson

    I love your company!

  7. I think the creatures of the world know who the “good” people are. 🙂

  8. Like I’ve said before.. they all know a haven when they find one !

  9. You treat your guests so well. 🙂 They know to come see you time and time again. Even though they destroy your flowers and plants they are still lovely to see. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Truly you never know who’s coming to viist! Beautiful!

  11. Sounds like it might be Dianna’s wildlife refuge. We run one too! Deer, bear, wild turkeys, fox, rabbits, groundhogs, snakes…it’s pretty ‘wild’ in our yard sometimes! 😉

  12. Love tour help mates. We have not had too many deer in town this summer, surprising because of the heat and the drought. But the geese are feeling it, they are coming to river and we’ve had them “grazing” in the yards. What do you feed the swans?

    • If the swan is in the water, I give him bread. If he’s in the yard, I feed him corn. I try not to feed the geese; I’d rather not encourage them to hang around: they leave such a MESS!

  13. I love your surprise dinner guests.

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