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Sunset Sunday

There have been many beautiful sunsets in the past few weeks. Or, perhaps I should say that we’ve been at home for many beautiful sunsets in the past few weeks. This one was from April 27.

The resident waterfowl add to the scenery, as they wait for dinner.

As you know, I’m especially fond of these two.

Sun and sand. (By the way, that’s my current favorite Yankee Candle fragance: “Sun & Sand”. It smells JUST like Coppertan Suntan Lotion.)

Good night, Groom Swan. Good night, geese.

Good night, Bride Swan.

I’ll see all of you tomorrow at sunset. And I’ll bring bread.

Smile Photo – Pocketbooks At The Beach


This is another of my “smile” photos. Pictures that make me smile whenever I look at them.

My grandmother, Mae, is on the far right. The other women are two of her sisters, but  I’m not sure which ones (it was a large family). The man is her brother, Jimmy.  My grandmother died in 1969, so this was probably an early 1960’s photo.  Maybe 1950’s.

I’m fairly certain this was taken on the shore of the James River, and most likely at Burwell’s Bay.  It was a small beach located not far from where most of Grandma’s family lived.  And I’m guessing this was taken at a family gathering.

There are a couple of things about this picture that make me smile. One is that all three ladies are wearing open-toe shoes.  Obviously the style at that time. 

The dresses are a “given”.  In that era, women in that age group didn’t wear slacks, only dresses. Can you imagine seeing a group of women dressed like this at the beach in today’s world? It would probably make the evening news.

The other is that all three have their pocketbooks.  I never heard my Mom or Grandma refer to them as purses or handbags.  And ladies of my grandmother’s generation were never too far from their pocketbooks. Even at the beach.

And it makes me smile. Every time.