And The Wish Goes To…

One of the bonuses of writing a blog is that it provides a special way to say Happy Birthday to friends and family members.

In the three years since my classmate, Donna, and I reconnected, she’s been mentioned in several of my blog posts.

There have been many lunches, antiquing trips and feeding of horses in those three years.

donna and surry horse 9-13-2014 1-32-44 PM

She’s the reason for my addiction to sea glass.

db donna seaglass 5-18-2014 9-41-24 AM

Donna keeps me informed as to when the International Space Station will be visible in our area.

And she is one of the few people I know to have actually turned the tables on Motor Man and “gotten him” with one of his own practical jokes.

dbjrdonna on boat 5-3-2014 12-52-18 PM

Our little group, including our friends, Shirley and Linda, celebrates every chance we get.

4 girls2 12-7-2013 9-27-22 AM

A very Happy Birthday to you today, my friend.

donna on the beach 5-3-2014 5-04-12 PM

 Here’s to much more fun in the future; beginning with lunch!

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “And The Wish Goes To…

  1. I love that last photo!!! What a lovely one and what a lovely friendship. How wonderful to have those friendships and the chance to get together occasionally to nurture those special relationships. Happy Birthday to your sweet friend!

  2. Great post for a wonderful person:) Have fun!!

  3. A very happy birthday, Donna, and may you have a day and the coming year filled with joy!!

  4. Motor Man likes practical jokes? I didn’t know that. Love that last picture of Donna and happy birthday to her.

  5. “old” friends are the best – and I am not referring to age!!! Happy Birthday Donna!

  6. Hope you ladies have a spectacular birthday celebration lunch for your friend Donna!


  7. Happy Birthday to TDoM’s bff!

  8. Yes, happy birthday, Donna!

  9. Well, it is hard to type with “shiny” eyes Dianna! I think each of us has brought many, many events of joy to our wonderful friendship. You are the reason I am on Facebook at all and can connect with friends, and you are such a beautiful, generous friend to me in many ways. (The icing on the cake was being able to ” pull one over” on Motor Man!) I look forward to our lunch today and thank you for my beautiful birthday tribute!! I am overwhelmed!!

  10. Such a tribute to a special friend. Happy Birthday Donna.

  11. Friendships ‘make’ our life so much richer. Glad for yours and Donna’s. Enjoy each other today. Happy Birthday Donna!

  12. Happy Birthday to your sweet friend. She’s lucky to call you her buddy. I loved the last shot of her, by the way.

  13. A very Happy Birthday, Donna!
    Let me know if you have any lifting that needs done 😉

  14. Happy birthday to Donna! I feel like we’ve gotten to know her through your blog. She got one over on MM?

  15. Happy birthday to your beautiful dear friend 🙂 MJ

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Happy & Blessed Birthday, Donna! Good friends are the best gift you could receive.

  17. Wonderful post. Have a lovely birthday Donna ^_^


  18. Happy Belated Birthday to Donna! Hope you all had a fantastic day!!

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