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Barn Charm – Running On Empty

Motor Man isn’t aware of this yet, but we have a slight emergency.  My supply of barn photos is running dangerously low.

I had to go all the way back to March for this one. It was taken during our trip to meet our friends, Pam and Dave (pawrents to Sammy, One Spoiled Cat) for lunch and antiquing in Sperryville, Va.

This was our first glimpse. As you can tell, it was an extremely overcast day.

1st 3-17-2013 8-58-01 AM

This old barn sits right at the edge of the highway.

barn  by road1 3-17-2013 8-58-26 AM

And from the looks of it, I don’t think I’d want to risk keeping anything of value inside.

barn by road2 3-17-2013 8-59-01 AM

And now, I’m off to let Motor Man know that we need to start planning a barnstorming trip – ASAP.

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Lonely Barn Charm

Motor Man and I REALLY need to go barnstorming. My stash of barn photos is dangerously low.

(Teaser: an upcoming day trip is in the works and, hopefully, will replenish my supply.)

This is another photo from our trip to Sperryville in March. The skies were overcast  –  not the best day for pictures.

I thought this little barn looked lonely, standing all by itself in the field, and the dreary day seemed to add to its loneliness. Thankfully, the weather didn’t prevent us from having a nice day, enjoying the scenery and visiting with friends.

lonely barn

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Folk Art Barn Charm

Last month, on our trip to Sperryville, Virginia to meet our good friends, Pam and Dave (“parents” to Sam, One Spoiled Cat), we were, as always, on the look-out for barns. As usual, I can’t remember exactly where this one is located.

Hmm….what’s this up ahead?

cow barn1

I do believe it’s a barn!

cow barn2

Check out the charming folk art cows on the side…

cow barn3

Tough decision: whether to use this for Barn Charm or Friday’s Fences…?

cow barn4a

Barn Charm it is!

A Really Big Barn (Charm)

Today’s featured barn was one we saw on our trip to Sperryville a couple of weeks ago. I’m sorry I didn’t make note of what town it was near.

big barn1

This is a HUGE barn. It was difficult for us to really get a good picture of it from the highway.  We didn’t want to trespass.

big barn2

I’m sure my fellow barn charmers can identify with this predicament.

big barn3

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Sundae Says… Here’s What’s New

Hello, everyone! Sundae here with the latest news from our family. Yesterday, Motor Man and Motor Mommy went on a day trip to Sperryville, Va. to spend some time with the pawrents of my boycatfriend, Sammy.  They did a little antiquing and had brunch together. Here’s Sammy’s Mom, Pam, with Motor Mommy, outside the restaurant.

db and pam

It was snowing in Sperryville! Here are Sam’s pawrents. You can see the snow on Dave’s jacket.  Aren’t they a sweet couple?

pam and dave

And here are my pawrents. I think they’re pretty sweet too.


 Anyway, enough about them. Now for my news: through the magic of the internet, I’m on a camping trip in Vancouver! My boycatfriend, Sammy, is hosting it, the place is packed, and we’re all having a wonderful time.

We arrived and set up our tents yesterday. (Mine is right beside Sammy’s, of course.)  Isn’t it a beautiful location? By the way, there’s a best decorated tent contest over at Sammy’s blog. If you’d like to vote for mine, click here.

sundaes tent.221582252997905021362754402093[1]

We’ll be here at the camp today and tomorrow, and then, tomorrow night, we’ll be camping on the beach at Pacific Rim National Park. Sammy and I went to check out the beach yesterday afternoon, and he snapped this photo of me, catching some rays. (Yes, of course, I was wearing sunscreen!)

sundae catching rays.com13633746141071

Well, gotta run! There’s so much to do here at  Camp Sammy!  =^.^=