Barn Charm – Running On Empty

Motor Man isn’t aware of this yet, but we have a slight emergency.  My supply of barn photos is running dangerously low.

I had to go all the way back to March for this one. It was taken during our trip to meet our friends, Pam and Dave (pawrents to Sammy, One Spoiled Cat) for lunch and antiquing in Sperryville, Va.

This was our first glimpse. As you can tell, it was an extremely overcast day.

1st 3-17-2013 8-58-01 AM

This old barn sits right at the edge of the highway.

barn  by road1 3-17-2013 8-58-26 AM

And from the looks of it, I don’t think I’d want to risk keeping anything of value inside.

barn by road2 3-17-2013 8-59-01 AM

And now, I’m off to let Motor Man know that we need to start planning a barnstorming trip – ASAP.

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23 responses to “Barn Charm – Running On Empty

  1. Ahh…somewhat dilapidated but still standing strong on its’ stacked stone “legs” ! I’m sure MM will cooperate and take you barnstorming – does he ever say “no” ??! 😀


  2. come hang out with me – & we will find plenty of barns together. ha. ha!! ( :
    have you heard from Linda lately? sure miss her … just thinking about her & wondering how she is? i never got to meet her in person. i try to always keep in touch with my VA bloggy friends.

    • She posted a photo on FB last week – she and her hubby are on a trip to Ireland. I’ll send her a message that you asked about her!
      I need to go somewhere to find barns….!!!

  3. I too like how the barn is sitting on bricks and have never seen an old barn built that way before!

  4. mollieandalfie

    Poor little barn, looks like it has seen better days, xx0xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. When you see an older building so close to the highway, it makes you wonder if the road was re-routed after the barn was built.
    It sure looks sad!

  6. I don’t think I have ever seen a barn sitting JUST on rock columns. You are right I wouldn’t want to put anything of value in it. It does for sure have charm though! Good Morning!!

  7. I like these photos. Different location, different look. And, oh no, low on barn pics!! Hurry… get Motor Man on the job.

  8. My human told me that everytime she sees a nice barn now she is thinking of you! Whatever that means…
    Thanks for your wishes and for stopping by yesterday for my Gotcha Day Pawty!

  9. So close to the road! I suspect the barn was there first, huh?

  10. Glad you had a pic in the archives to share and I am looking forward to the next episode :-).

  11. wow, the ‘jacked up’ rear end is interesting! and scary, i agree.

  12. Ring the ALARM bells and the air raid sirens! You’re running “dangerously low” of barn charms. Dianna, you are waaaaay too funny… 😀

  13. Southampton County is a good location for old barns. My husband & I will be happy to help you out.

  14. Great name for your side trips – “barn storming!” If it were a search for fences, do you call it “fence hopping?”
    In spite of the used look of this old barn you caught in the mist – it has character and yes – charm! Good one!

  15. I just know you’ll find some more soon ! It amazes me how many there are out there, and I know why I notice them now ! 😉

  16. At first, I hardly saw it, blending into the grayness of the day.

  17. It’s a great find – and I’m glad you got it because it looks like it could tip over at any time!
    PS – My barn photo supply is also dangerously low. Time to get out there!

  18. Aw-oh, road trip definitely needed!! I think you should head on up my way, we’ve got tons of barns in PA. 🙂

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I am sure there are many more barns out there for you to capture. This barn caught my eye because of the high stone legs. I don’t remember seeing a barn on those kind of legs before??

  20. But the horse pictures more than make up for the lack of barns!

  21. The road almost got it, nice looking barn and a great shot.

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