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Surf, Sand, Sunrise….And A Horse

The last photos I shared of the beach were taken on a frighteningly foggy morning.

Our most recent trip was much more pleasant.

We were on the beach before sunrise.  (Golden hour contrails.)

contrails 3-24-2016 6-49-42 AM

Here comes the sun!

sunrise 3-24-2016 6-59-42 AM

There weren’t many folks on the beach that time of day, but shore birds were in abundance.

birds and sunrise 3-24-2016 7-22-06 AM

We only saw one horse; the consensus of the experts seems to be that, with springtime greenery sprouting, the horses are spending much of their time in the brush.

horse 3-24-2016 7-28-21 AM

It would have been nice to see more horses, but with a morning this beautiful…

sun over dune 3-24-2016 7-11-56 AM

…we have no complaints.

~These Days Of Mine~