In A Fog

In Friday’s post, I shared this photo of a recent sunrise.

sunrise 3-17-2016 6-13-11 AM

It was taken the morning of our most recent day trip. Motor Man and I both woke up very early that morning (before 4:30; still adjusting to the time change, I suppose).  We decided to just get the day started, and left early for the Outer Banks.

Although the weather had been nice during our two hour drive there, just as we were going onto the beach, we began to see fog.

foggy fence 3-17-2016 8-28-40 AM

Visibility was the worst I’ve ever experienced – no more than three car lengths in front of us.  We drove along at a crawl,  both of us straining to see possible oncoming vehicles, pedestrians or horses. Thankfully, the few vehicles we saw on the beach were also driving cautiously.

truck on beach 3-17-2016 10-26-01 AM

We did see two people walking along the beach, and it was a bit frightening how close we were to them before we actually saw them. I don’t think they realized the possible danger of walking on the beach in those conditions.

I trust Motor Man with my life, and I KNEW that we were driving parallel to the ocean, but the fog was so disorienting that it was easy to imagine us driving INTO the water.

ocean 3-17-2016 8-29-19 AM

It was a relief when we were finally able to drive over the dunes….away from the ocean.

I’ve shared photos before of the old Wash Woods Coast Guard station on the beach.  No matter the weather, she’s a beauty: eerily so on this trip.

lifesaving station 3-17-2016 8-56-49 AM

Unfortunately, even after a potentially treacherous trip, we didn’t see any wild horses this time. We spent quite a bit of time driving around all the places we normally see them, but they weren’t to be found.

And by the time we left the beach, the sun had burned off nearly all the fog.

leaving the beach 3-17-2016 10-46-41 AM

Needless to say, the trip leaving the beach was much more pleasant than our drive earlier in the morning.

~These Days Of Mine~

8 responses to “In A Fog

  1. I’d say being in a heavy fog at the beach would be a bit disorienting to say the least……and it’s too bad no horses were to be found – I guess they don’t care for the fog either!


  2. I think I would have put off my walk until the fog lifted a bit. Looks like it turned into a beautiful day though.

  3. Driving through heavy, dense fog is so disconcerting! My hubby recalls a time as a college student riding back home with some fellow students over the mountains. Fog was so dense, the driver could not see and one of the students got out of the car and walked ahead of the car to guide them. Doesn’t sound like a safe practice to me, much like your walkers on the beach.

  4. Now that’s limited visibility. I don’t think I’d be out walking in that ..
    But the pictures are great !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Fog is very scary sometimes and this sounds like one of those times. When you can not see but a few feet in front of you that’s not fun. Good pictures.

  6. Yes, the Coast Guard Station is a beauty, especially in the fog. LOVE the first picture… GOLDEN! We have been getting lots of fog in the morning but we don’t have to drive in it… 🙂

  7. Oh, what beautiful pictures. Beauty sometimes does show itself most glorious in dangerous situations. Glad all are safe.

  8. The fog can add a nice aura to a photo, but I don’t want to drive in it. Glad you were safe and so were the pedestrians!

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