Surf, Sand, Sunrise….And A Horse

The last photos I shared of the beach were taken on a frighteningly foggy morning.

Our most recent trip was much more pleasant.

We were on the beach before sunrise.  (Golden hour contrails.)

contrails 3-24-2016 6-49-42 AM

Here comes the sun!

sunrise 3-24-2016 6-59-42 AM

There weren’t many folks on the beach that time of day, but shore birds were in abundance.

birds and sunrise 3-24-2016 7-22-06 AM

We only saw one horse; the consensus of the experts seems to be that, with springtime greenery sprouting, the horses are spending much of their time in the brush.

horse 3-24-2016 7-28-21 AM

It would have been nice to see more horses, but with a morning this beautiful…

sun over dune 3-24-2016 7-11-56 AM

…we have no complaints.

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “Surf, Sand, Sunrise….And A Horse

  1. The golden trails were beautiful! And at least one white socked horse was seen. Golden Day!

  2. Beautiful shots, Dianna…so peaceful.

  3. Beautiful photos! I’m glad I didn’t have to get up that early to see it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. No Complaints is right! What a beautiful and peaceful time of the day. Worth the early morning wake up I’m sure.

  5. Looks like a very pleasant day .. & with only one horse, it’s automatically the star of the show !

  6. What a beautiful serene morning and I love your sunrise photos.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You could not ask for a better morning, just lovely.

  8. Pretty as ever and NO FOG!


  9. Thanks for sharing the beautiful sunrise. I love sunrise and sunset. Are the horses losing their winter coats?

  10. At least you got some great pictures and and found a horse… my favorite color… bay! He will be all the more handsome when he sheds out!

  11. Beautiful . . . I continue to be in awe of the beautiful area where you live.

  12. At least you got to see a horse this time, too! Gorgeous skies.

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