Random Five Friday

Almost the weekend, and time for a little randomness:

1.) My little hummie waited impatiently last night for me to freshen his nectar, then quickly stopped by to enjoy.

hummie 8-13-2015 7-56-05 PM

2.) I’ve shared with you before that Sundae loves us to put her “blankie” over her when she’s on our bed.  And, that she wreaks havoc on our upstairs guest room bed, trying to get under the throw at the foot of the bed. Well, she now has a new trick.  She’s learned how to get under the quilt on our downstairs guest room bed. All by herself.

That "lump" is Sundae

That “lump” is Sundae

3.) Remember this plant combo that I bought recently for the table on our deck?

deck plant 7-23-2015 6-20-37 AM

Apparently, our resident deer decided to climb the three steps to our deck and dine on the sweet potato vine. Now that we know they can maneuver steps, perhaps we should invite them over one evening.  Anyone know what beverage goes with sweet potato vine?

deck plant after 8-10-2015 2-22-26 PM

4.) On a recent trip home from the Outer Banks, Motor Man stopped me by Aggie’s pasture, so I could give her a treat. While we were there, a passing driver tooted the car horn, and I looked to see that it was an NC State Trooper.  (Guess he’s an Aggie fan, too.)

aggies treat 8-10-2015 11-31-42 AM

I was somewhat in disbelief when I got back in our vehicle, then Motor Man burst my bubble with his version of this plaque we saw in Cracker Barrel:


His version:  “That trooper said: ‘Don’t flatter yourself, cowgirl, I was blowing at the horse’ “.

5.) Tuesday evening, around sunset, we had rain across the river to our east. The clouds made for some amazing scenery.

marina clouds 8-11-2015 7-45-39 PM


Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Nice batch of “random” ! I remember you showing us your deck planter – are you sure it was deer? I found a squirrel sitting in the middle of my sweet potato vines one morning on the deck munching away on leaves! Little devils!


  2. I’m going to miss the little hummies when they begin their migration. They are such a joy to watch. Have a great weekend, Dianna! Love the lump! 🙂

  3. I love your randomness! The plants were just too tasty to leave untouched and iI saw that Pam said she had squirrels eating them as well which surprised me! I can not imagine they would eat vines like that as well. Crazy. I am enjoying the hummers at the neighbors house until I can get moved and see what I can find at our new place.

  4. Wow, I’ve missed you while I was gone. Such a nice post to greet me this morning, back in Va. once again.

  5. Proof that living life is random sights and experiences. I’m glad you had nice ones this week!

  6. The deer love to pull our pansies on the porch – our steps are no hindrance. And the squirrels like to dig in my Christmas cactus that I put on the porch for some fresh summer air – I wonder if they’re burying for the winter. There’s nothing like being ‘brought back to earth’ with a quick quip! Love ALL the randomness. Great weekend to you.

  7. Great batch of randomness! Happy weekend to you too!

  8. Dianna, you outdid yourself ok n this blog with an amazing dance of pictures! I really like the humming ird one, soft. I still say the trooper was honking at an attractive brunette (as sweet as Aggie is) I just don’t know what to say about the deer. Maybe the population has increased so much they are willing to go anywhere and up any steps to eat…,

  9. This is a good batch of random – a nice way to start the weekend !
    Love the pic of Sundae … she’s gotten sneaky with it, huh?
    & the deer are always sneaky … they’d probably come right on in and sit down at the table !

  10. The Sundae lump in the bed made me laugh out loud. And I disagree, the Trooper saw a pretty lady and gave her a honk of appreciation 🙂 MJ

  11. Cats in the quilts and deer on the deck! Evidently all creatures feel safe and happy where you live. 🙂 I love the mound in the quilt! 🙂

  12. Love them all. Especially the cat lump. Haha.
    What goes with sweet potato vine?? Uhhh, vodka? However, stumbling drunk deer might be a problem too.
    Happy weekend!

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great R5F, love the last picture.

  14. Very nice Random 5… except for the poor plant on the table!

  15. The masts appear to be supporting the clouds. Not sure what goes with sweet potato vine, I’ve never tasted it. Love the quilt on the guest bed, lump and all. I decided to hang a hummingbird feeder again–and today we had a visitor! It spent more time on the Vitex, but it knows where we are. 🙂

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