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Treasure Hunting: What IS It?

Since I haven’t written about a found treasure recently, I thought I’d share one I purchased a couple of weeks ago.

beach scene 3-26-2014 6-02-31 PM

The frame is made of wood, but the scene itself is on metal.  It’s roughly 25 inches long and about 7 inches tall.  And….it’s reversible. This is the other side:

bear and ducks 3-26-2014 6-04-35 PM

I just don’t know exactly what it is.  I’m thinking it may have been on the top of a child’s dresser or on the end of a crib, because of the pegs located at the bottom.

beach scene bottom 3-26-2014 6-03-47 PM

The little hook on top could possibly have been added later, after it was no longer attached to the item of furniture.

top 3-26-2014 6-04-07 PM

When I bought this, it was specifically for the side showing the children playing by the seashore. We plan to hang it over a doorway at our beach house.

Your thoughts as to what it might have been?

~These Days Of Mine~