Treasure Hunting: What IS It?

Since I haven’t written about a found treasure recently, I thought I’d share one I purchased a couple of weeks ago.

beach scene 3-26-2014 6-02-31 PM

The frame is made of wood, but the scene itself is on metal.  It’s roughly 25 inches long and about 7 inches tall.  And….it’s reversible. This is the other side:

bear and ducks 3-26-2014 6-04-35 PM

I just don’t know exactly what it is.  I’m thinking it may have been on the top of a child’s dresser or on the end of a crib, because of the pegs located at the bottom.

beach scene bottom 3-26-2014 6-03-47 PM

The little hook on top could possibly have been added later, after it was no longer attached to the item of furniture.

top 3-26-2014 6-04-07 PM

When I bought this, it was specifically for the side showing the children playing by the seashore. We plan to hang it over a doorway at our beach house.

Your thoughts as to what it might have been?

~These Days Of Mine~

27 responses to “Treasure Hunting: What IS It?

  1. Good question! I suppose the panel could have been on just about anything with the frame added later…..? Maybe even a panel from a little wagon? Whatever its’ history, it’s a nice treasure!


  2. What a great idea to put it over the door creating a transom effect. You have an eye, Dianna.

  3. It will be great at the beach house. Wish I could see the new one because I fondly remember the other beach house!

  4. Dianna, I am meeting a friend today who has a booth in an antiques mall. I’ll see what she thinks!

  5. Love it – don’t have a clue what it is, but I know your blogging friends have contacts and will find an answer.

  6. I love it! That will be a perfect addition to your beach house, Dianna. It could certainly be from a child’s crib.

  7. Whatever it is, it’s awfully cute. What a great idea to hang it at your beach house.

  8. I’m leaning towards a baby bed or child’s bed foot-board.
    It’s a delightful treasure that you’ve found. I believe it’ll bring you many smiles st your beach house. 🙂

  9. an old side rail to a crib, perhaps?

  10. Think you’re right about it being a piece of furniture that’s been broken up. What a perfect find for a beach house.

  11. I’ll have to go with your theory, and the one I had too …. probably on a crib or other piece of furniture for a child’s bedroom or nursery ! – great addition !

  12. I have no idea, but it really is charming!

  13. That is an adorable treasure but I have no clue what it was used for before.

  14. No idea either but it is charmingly nostalgic and what a great idea to use it in your beach house!

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a treasure to find. I love it! I would say ago it is from a old piece of furniture, what a good accent it will add to your beach house.

  16. Sorry, Dianna, my friend was not sure what this could have been.

  17. I like it too – but sadly – no clue.

  18. Margaret Spencer

    it reminds me of the paper roller pieces that were at the top of children’s blackboards/easels. Too sweet!

  19. This is just the sweetest treasure. It so takes me back to my youth. xox Thanks for sharing it with us.

  20. Maybe on the back of a rocking chair for the nursery so you could see both sides? Great find!
    Love it!

  21. I don’t know what it could have been used for but it’s such a great find. I love the kids playing on the beach but I also think the other side is very cute so you get 2 great looks for the price of one!

  22. Love the old-fashioned scene with the children. It will be perfect for the beach house! This reminds me of artwork by Eloise Wilkin. She was a famous illustrator of many of the Little Golden Books…this artwork has that flavor I think. Sweet! ~ Sheila

  23. Clueless as to what it could be.

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  25. Well for some reason your blog was not showing up in my feed so i was missing all your wonderfulness but now I AM HERE and you can’t get rid of me. 🙂 I love this beach scene and it would be perfect for your beach house but I have no idea what it was for originally!!!! Great treasure.

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