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From The Interstate At 70 MPH


I think it’s only human nature to sometimes take for granted the landscape that you see on an everyday basis.

Last week when Motor Man and I drove to Michigan, we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful countryside covered in snow, and I wondered if the local residents appreciated the beauty.

As Motor Man was driving down the interstate at 65-70 mph, I was almost hanging out of the window, snapping pictures of the scenery.

You may remember that I have a fondness for barns. Pennsylvania and Ohio didn’t disappoint. I love the serenity of the snow and the weathered white of the buildings in this photo. And how about that house up on the hill?

And of course, the red barns stood out against the blanket of snow.

This picture wasn’t taken from the interstate. We were on a country road in Virginia when we saw this beautiful old barn. The arrow is pointing to a tiny horsehoe.

It’s easier to see in this cropped photo.

But this may be my favorite photo of all the ones I took from the interstate. Written on the little shed in front of the barn is “DRINK MILK!”.

Moutains, valleys, barns, snow: the perfect combination for beautiful scenery. I hope the locals noticed.