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Friday’s Fences – Virginia Century Farm

Today’s pictures were taken at the gate of a “Virginia Century Farm” just outside of Smithfield. There are quite a few of these in our area.  Although I see the signs all the time, I really didn’t know any details. So I did some research and found that, to be granted this recognition by the Commonwealth of Virginia, a farm must have been family owned and operated for at least 100 consecutive years.

va century farm_Snapseed

Motor Man and I went on another of our Sunday drives last week, and as we drove by this gate, he heard the all-too-familiar: “Oooh, that would be a good picture!”.  So he made a u-turn.

This was the view from the gate. I just love pictures of lanes, paths, country roads.


The cows were definitely enjoying the pond. Some were having a drink, others were wading in the water. Some were staring at us.

cows and pond_Snapseed

Whenever I see a cattleguard, I’m reminded of a hometown friend who, as a child, was terrified of them.

cattleguard and fence_Snapseed

It’s nice to think that this view has been welcoming members of the same family home for over one hundred years.


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